The revolutionary material called Zeoform that's made with hemp

Published Dec 25, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Most of the world relies far too much on plastics that are toxic and damaging to the environment, but what if there was a better way to make a stronger material alternative that wouldn’t harm the planet? Most people, including those who know very little about cannabis or hemp, have heard of the incredible hempcrete building materials that are expected to completely replace traditional Brick and Mortar in the very near future, but there is a new player on the scene and it’s called Zeoform.

What is Zeoform?

Zeoform is both a new hemp material company and a product that they’ve made using all-natural ingredients like hemp stalk fibers and water. Though it might at first sound too good to be true, this new hemp plastic is set to take the world by storm, and the main reason is, the process of making this requires a natural process of bonding, so there are no harmful emissions from the making of the product aside from the transportation of raw materials.

Though Zeoform is undoubtedly safer for the environment than traditional plastics, thanks to its ability to bind without hazardous glue, it has so much more going for it than that. It is ten times stronger and can last several years longer than any other products on the market today, and though the switch of machinery for manufacturing will be costly, long term, hemp plastic is much cheaper to make as well, which is excellent news for both makers and consumers.

How can Zeoform be used?

Zeoform is often referred to as hemp plastic, but that doesn’t mean that the only result is a hard product with a similar texture to the material that we are already familiar with. Zeoform can be formed into heavy-duty plastic sheets that can be screwed, glued, drilled, or nailed together to create almost anything just like wood and plastic, but it can also take a form that is more akin to rubber and foam, two materials that are often used in the making of household furniture, blinds, siding and tires.

Since Zeoform is so incredibly versatile, it can be shaped, cut, and molded into almost anything that you could ever imagine, from a luxurious lazy boy chair and sofa to harder pieces like car panels and musical instruments as a replacement for metals. That’s right, and this new and exciting hemp plastic is set to take over all edges of the market since it can fit into virtually any product with little more than a few adjustments to manufacturing machines.

Why is Zeoform better for the environment?


We have already touched on a few essential points here, with significant strength and lifespan that is incomparable to any other, more traditionally used materials like plastic or metal, but hemp materials have another powerful benefit that most people don’t know about. Hemp plants, like all other members of the cannabis species, are excellent cleansers of the space that they grow in, as they draw out toxins and poisons from the surrounding earth that could take decades to slowly recede on its own.

Growing hemp in contaminated soils can help to prepare it for other kinds of crops, and for a bountiful harvest, no additional fertilizers are needed, so there is a minimal carbon footprint, and a massive gain to be had by farmers with infertile lands. Hemp plants also use mass amounts of the harmful toxin CO2, which contributes to global warming, so that means that we can clean up the world from the soil beneath our feet to the air that we breathe, with this one simple change.

When will Zeoform become available to the public?

The company is based in the heart of California, so that is likely to be the first place that customers will begin to see Zeoform plastic alternative hitting the shelves of every kind of store. From automotive to décor, and other household needs, hemp plastic will be there first. The rest of the world might have to wait just a little bit longer, but the release of Zeoform in sheets is expected at some point in late 2020.

More information on Zeoform

Zeoform is still in the early stages of its creation, and the minds behind this new and exciting technology are currently seeking help from the public through a crowdfunding campaign. Since the hemp materials industry is still so incredibly young, it needs support from consumers just like you to get started, so if you have a bit extra to spare, why not get in on the opportunity to be a massive part of getting hemp plastic launched so that everyone in the world can benefit from the all-natural strength of the hemp plant.

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