If you thought hemp cars were cool, then you need to check out the new hemp scooter

Published Nov 21, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Readers who have been with us for a while are already familiar with the hemp car and hemp plane, which have made headlines all over the globe, but this motorized vehicle is different because anyone can go out and buy one right now. So far, all of the famous models that were made using hemp are one of a kind pieces, and it isn’t clear how long it will be before the idea is produced on a large scale and available to the general public.

Without thousands of dollars, extensive knowledge on design and the functional parts of a motor vehicle, trying to build one yourself is no easy feat, which leaves thousands of interested consumers out in the cold. All it really takes for an incredible idea like this to take off is willing investors and that puts some of the biggest companies in the world in charge of deciding things like, whether or not a hemp car or plan might be a viable business decision.

Luckily one major player in the industry has decided to take the leap, just on a smaller scale using scooters that are more affordable and environmentally friendly than any kind of car or truck.

Van.Eko introduces the Be.e

Van.Eko is a UK company that is working toward a goal of sustainability using green technology to solve many of the modern-day problems we face that greatly contribute to pollution, including how we get around. The Be.e is their latest design and only a small taste of the vision Van.Eko sees for the future of environmentally friendly travel all around the world.

It was initially released where it was created, in the UK, but vendors are expanding outwards reach across both the United States and Canada, and customers who don’t reside near one, will not have to worry, because they also offer a simple order delivery system that can ship a hemp scooter almost anywhere in the world for a fee.

The Be.e uses green technology and hemp plant fibers to strengthen the body

Before you get too excited, it is important to know that these hemp car alternatives are not entirely made of hemp plant fibers and that most of the derived materials go into making the body of the scooter. Hemp plant materials are combined with a small amount of wheat to create a strong and durable outer body that can withstand drops and crashes 10x better than steel.

One of the reasons that hemp plant fibers have everyone so excited is that they are so good for the environment that they begin deducting from the carbon footprint of the scooter from the moment they sprout and begin to draw CO2 from the air and toxins from the surrounding soils. The result is an incredibly strong body that is robust and sustainable, unlike other materials that are so commonly used in the industry today, like plastic or steel.

The world-renowned designers of the Be.e, the Waarmakers, chose to keep a contemporary style and color scheme throughout to celebrate the natural origin of the materials, and its sleek design is selling out so quickly that there is a waitlist, however test-drives are currently offered at any of their locations if you can make it in person, and they aren’t anywhere near as expensive as you might think.

The Be.e specs

With the aesthetics and company goals set aside, most consumers are wondering if these energy-efficient scooters are really making any difference in the environment, as they do include some less than ideal materials in functional parts out of necessity to meet industry’s standards.  Luckily the facts speak for themselves, and if you do decide to invest in one, you will be doing the environment a massive favor by reducing your carbon footprint, which can ultimately help to combat the global crisis that is climate change and global warming.

If the body alone doesn’t have you convinced, then it might be time to consider the electric engine that can perform better and longer than most other average versions on the market today, and that’s not all. The Be.e hemp scooter comes equipped with all sorts of incredible features that make travel more comfortable, stylish, convenient and environmentally friendly.


The Be.e might not be able to keep up to a typical electric car, but it does boast a fair amount of power that can bring you up to speeds of 55 kilometers per hour.

Battery power

This hemp plant fiber scooter is powered by a lightweight, compact 2.5kWh 50Ah battery with a discharge rate of 25A.


One of the biggest questions that consumers have about this green technology is “how far can it go?” Well, to answer that, the Be.e doesn’t disappoint, with a range of between 70-80km per hour going 45km per hour, and trips for longer distance are also possible at a slower speed. At 25km per hour, this hemp scooter can go up to 100km before needing another charge.


The Be.e hemp scooter might be light, but it’s also quite roomy with dimensions measuring 1800x780x1720mm and a wheelbase of 1300mm.



The 600-watt charger on the Be.e is built right in, so there is no need to remember heavy cords, and from a totally dead battery, a full charge takes 4 hours to complete.

Cycle life

The Be.e offers 1000 cycles when it runs at 80% capacity.


The whole scooter, including the battery, weighs a total of 110 kilograms, so it’s relatively easy to maneuver around as needed.

Wheel size

The front tire of the Be.e measures 12”-3.50 and the back sets are slightly bigger at 13”-4.0.


This is where quality and the true intention of the makers are exposed, as the controls included in the Be.e are from the Italian specialists at Domino.


The high-end, top-quality disc brakes in this scooter are designed and supplied by Italy’s finest company in the business, Domino, which is located in the heart of Spain.

Load weight max

Some scooters are only made to accommodate one passenger, but the makers of Be. e wanted to offer a line that boasted luxury, which is why it can carry two passengers with a combined weight limit of 160kg.

Ideal operating temperature

Unfortunately, those who live in colder climates might have to let their Be.e hibernate as the best functioning temperatures for this scooter is between -10° Celsius and 55° Celsius.


Scooters, just like cars are an important investment, especially if you choose to make them your main source of transportation, and for this reason, it is important to have a fair amount of coverage in case anything goes wrong. The Be.e machine offers an extensive 4 years warranty (or 20,000km) that covers all the components, including the battery, to help keep you mobile when you need it most.

Buying a Be.e

The Be.e, just like many luxury vehicles, has a host of extra options that can be added to the original design for additional comforts, including a radio, different color schemes, and seat cover options/materials, but the average basic scooter will cost you around $7000 CAD. If you want to get one for yourself, then head on over to www.van.eko.com to sign up for more information or to take one for a test drive before making a decision on whether or not a hemp electric scooter is right for you.

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