Study says relaxing with weed after work won't harm productivity

Published Oct 18, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Most cannabis enthusiasts know that the stereotype of an average stoner isn’t exactly positive, as the term brings to mind a lazy unkept hippie-like individual who likely isn’t overly productive. But, does mere use of the plant truly impact all aspects of a user's life all of the time? Or is this common belief more akin to refer to madness propaganda? One team of researchers set out to answer that question, and what they found is precisely what most of us already knew.

The research

The study which was published in the Sage journals, was a collaboration between San Diego State University and Auburn University to determine if the time of day cannabis is consumed has any impact on performance levels the next day. All participants reported their average use, times of indulgence, and were asked about their productivity in the workplace. What they found is that it really didn’t matter when consumers used cannabis, as long as it was at some point during the day before they needed to work.

This data confirms that users can safely go to work to fulfill their responsibilities and come home to get as stoned as they like, without having to worry about any negative impact that may occur the next day. Of course, this was only true when consumers were using cannabis products the day before work, as performance levels did decline for those who partook before work.

Is cannabis better than alcohol?

According to the study, cannabis is by far a better alternative than alcohol, but that is mainly due to how long the ill effects may linger, as the dreaded hangover can last for 2 or more days, whereas the worst possible experience with getting stoned will end in a maximum of 12 hours, with no residual problems. Alcohol is also hard for the body to recover from, and cannabis doesn’t take long for it to process.

What about getting stoned at work?


Users who like to get stoned at work shouldn’t get too excited about these results, because as most of us know, it doesn’t take a cannabis science expert to know that you shouldn’t be impaired on the clock. Consumers who chose to get high at work tend to report a significant reduction in productivity, so it’s best to keep any cannabis use to after work hours and the weekends if you want to avoid this problem entirely.

Drug testing can get in the way

We now know that some people can use cannabis for motivation with great success and that getting stoned after work doesn’t impact performance at all, and yet still many people are forced to ignore the potential benefits of cannabinoids due to regular drug testing at work. At one time, this seemed like a reasonable request, given the illicit nature of the substance. However, as times change, so do the rules that govern people.

It’s time for change

With this new information, employers should no longer have any reason to doubt the potential of cannabis consuming employees, as long as they’re choosing to indulge when they aren’t at work. This revelation should be enough to spark a change in the way that mandatory drug testing is handled, especially for citizens who reside where cannabis is currently legal. Because if one thing is clear, it’s that the benefits far outweigh the risks, which is why all employees need protections that allow them to consume cannabis.

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