One survey proves that there is no such thing as a typical stoner

Published Sep 22, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis enthusiasts have faced their fair share of criticisms over the years, and most of them come back to harmful and incorrect stoner stereotypes that have been spread and widely believed by those who hear them. It is unfortunate, as we know, that it is nearly impossible to paint all of any one group with such a broad brush, but it seems that science is on our side, as we work towards dispelling these myths that have harmed cannabis users for generations.

Common stoner stereotypes

If you think about the most wildly popular stoner movies, it doesn’t take long to list all of the most common stoner stereotypes that still live on today, and for the most part, those who are uneducated on the subject wholeheartedly believe them, which is why it’s so important for us to point out the flaw in this logic. Some of the most widely repeated stereotypes about a pothead are that they are lazy, unmotivated, unclean, unorganized, irresponsible, and unsuccessful in life, but not a single one of them is true.

The survey

The study which was paid for by the popular cannabis brand Figr discovered through a survey that approximately 72% of Canadian cannabis enthusiasts do not fit into any of the typical stoner stereotypes. Of those questioned, 51% of females said that they use cannabis to make chores more enjoyable, and 35% of males suggested the same thing. It also found that 71% of cannabis user feel that outdoor activities are enhanced with a buzz, with 44% suggesting walks, 43% camping, and 33% hiking.

Those all sound like some pretty active stoner tasks to us, and that’s not all that the researchers uncovered. They also found that 71% of Canadian cannabis users did not identify as fitting into any traditional stereotypes, with 66% stating that they feel these old ideas are outdated and disproven. 25% said that it made them feel more productive, and 25% reported feeling more energized after toking, suggesting that cannabis users are a lot busier than stereotypes might have some people believe.


What we knew all along to be true

The truth is that cannabis lovers including both recreational and medicinal patients, have, for the most part, known this all along, so it seems that these stereotypes are mainly perpetrated by the government and Hollywood who benefit greatly from the hope that they could be true, as it makes for great entertainment. Unfortunately, until recently, we haven't had much for scientific evidence to disprove these outlandish theories, but now that we do, what does that mean for the future?

The hope

No matter how hard we try to escape them, the stoner stereotype is one that will likely linger for many years to come, and until we stop portraying cannabis users as some sort of lazy half-witted criminals on the big screen, that isn’t likely to change much right away, but the hope is that in the future, we will see a whole new belief erupt that aligns more with the reality that we live in, as cannabis is an incredibly helpful tool that can actually help to motivate.

Witnessing the next evolution of stoner stereotypes


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