Cannabis and the future of streaming services

Published Jun 15, 2023 04:50 p.m. ET
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Streaming has quickly become the most popular way to consume information and entertainment including everything from movies and television shows to music and podcasts. These platforms have revolutionized on demand content drawing in millions of consumers, a shift that seems to be driven mainly by exclusive access, and affordable pricing.

As the world of cannabis grows and the industry becomes more widely accepted it’s impact on the future of streaming content is guaranteed. Here we’ll explore just a few of many ways these industries are likely to intersect in the years that lie ahead on a much deeper level than you might expect.

1. Cannabis culture and community

One of the biggest things we know about cannabis is that its use fosters a sense of community and culture among those who partake. Enthusiasts are known to gather, connect, share, and discuss everything from their best experiences to their favourite products and strains, which is something that streaming services have the ability to tap into.

By creating channels, topics, and perhaps someday even whole platforms that are designed specifically to cater to the needs and desires of cannabis consumers, providers could enhance user engagement as this passionate community is certain to support anything related to this niche.

2. Cannabis-inspired content

As legalization has slowly spread around the globe the way people perceive the plant, products and those who use them also shifted in a positive way, and as a result we’ve seen a rise in cannabis inspired media content of all sorts. These days it’s not uncommon for movies, TV shows, documentaries and music to have a cannabis theme, or at the very least, notable mentions that are no longer driven by stereotypes.

Streaming providers will probably capitalize on this change by curating a wide variety of related content, as everything from comedies to thought provoking documentaries on the history and benefits of the plant could soon become standard offerings in the entertainment world.

With the ability to offer exclusive access to libraries filled to the brim of cannabis focused titles and topics, streaming services can eventually attract millions of new subscribers with diverse interests and preferences related to the plant, industry, culture, and lifestyle.

3. Educational content

As the stigma surrounding cannabis continues to fade, demand for educational resources is increasing, and that trend isn’t likely to wind down anytime soon. Streaming platforms could fill this deep void by featuring informational content that explore the science, history, health benefits, and cultural significance of the plant with help from industry professionals, researchers, and other experts in the field.


This kind of high quality content will become a necessity as viewers wish to be better informed on the various aspects of cannabis including things like it’s medicinal properties, legal limits, or safe consumption guidelines. By becoming a reliable source for canna-knowledge, streaming providers will contribute to the normalization of cannabis, while also helping to educate consumers.

4. Live events and virtual experiences

One of the greatest features of streaming services is how they cover live shows and offer virtual experiences, which presents an exciting opportunity for the future of cannabis events. Imagine live streamed tastings, competitions, or conferences, and interactive workshops that teach viewers everything from how to cook to how to grow their own cannabis.

These platforms could eventually collaborate with organizers and leaders in the cannabis events space to deliver this content to people in the comfort of their own homes, both improving accessibility and making it possible for people from all over the globe to connect, engage, and fully participate in real time.

5. Integration with cannabis products and services

Several streaming providers have already started to consider partnering with brands in many different industries to advertise products and services. Product placements in digital content, collaborations with talented performers, and entire television series could someday highlight cannabis in one way or another in a shift that’s practically guaranteed to take place in the very near future.

The cannabis industry could leverage this by partnering with streaming services resulting in the seamless integration of related content or mentions in the average digital viewing experience. Opening up a whole new world of opportunities for branding and marketing options for cannabis companies that could benefit from additional exposure.

It will be interesting to see how streaming platforms choose to embrace cannabis in the months, years and decades to come. So be sure to keep an eye out for new digital offerings as this synergizing relationship continues to grow and evolve.

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