How to make cannabis oil

Published Jan 25, 2019 03:50 p.m. ET

Cannabis infused oils are hitting the culinary world hard. Chefs and cooks have started cooking with weed in droves. No longer is just special brownies that we use as our edible of choice. Cannabis oils can be used from desserts to savory treats. Wherever one might have used fats or oils in their recipes, they can be substituted with the cannabis infused oil.

A common name for this infused oil is Canna oil or weed oil. These oils are mostly vegan free. The use of infused oil is beneficial for medical marijuana patients wanting to infuse their food. Here are a few different types of oil that are frequently used to make the canna-oil:

Olive oil has a higher fat content and produces a potent finished product.
Avocado Oil is high in monounsaturated fats, it also contains vitamin A, B and E.
Grapeseed oil has high polyunsaturated fat long with Vitamin E.


There are just two ingredients, the oil and the herb. Now we can start the process. We need to convert the THC-A in the plant matter or the bud to THC. This is what we want. It gives the psychoactive effect to the herb. The process of doing this is quite simple. This method is referred to as decarbing or decarboxylation.

Step 1 - We will be heating the herb at a low temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Step 2 - Now that the oven is the pre-heated place your herb on a cookie sheet, put in the oven on middle rack try to make sure weed is in one layer no overlapping. Your weed will change from green to brown in color and be a crispy texture. There are commercial decarbing machines out there if you prefer to go this way.

Step 3 - Ok so now we need to combine our oil of choice with our herb. There are a few ways to do this. We can use an ordinary saucepan. Start by putting the now decarbed herb in the pan. Cover the weed with the oils of your choice. I used olive oil.

Step 4 - You will need to stir constantly on low heat approximately 20 minutes. Remove from heat let cool and strain using cheesecloth. You can discard the plant matter now, and store in an airtight container.

Step 5 - You can keep it for a few weeks but if stored in the fridge could be kept for up to a year. I used a ¼ ounce of herb and ¼ cup of extra virgin oil.

Using a slow cooker instead

Here is how to use a slow cooker for this process.

I used 1.5 ounces of herb and 2 cups of my favorite peanut oil.

Step 1 - Start with putting oil in the cooker add the herb and cover your cooker. Use the lowest setting for about 3 hours. Turn the heat off on the cooker and let it sit for around 8-9 hours, if you want to increase the potency you can repeat this step.

Step 2 - So now we strain the oil. Stored oil in the fridge, could keep for one year.

Step 3 - Now you have your oil you can increase the flavor by adding a savory herb like rosemary or ginger and possible try adding garlic. These savory oils are

Step 4 - As with any ingestion by edible means start slow till you know the effects you are experiencing are what you want, increase after 45 mins to an hour.

Take your time and enjoy.


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