Smokeable hemp bill is one step closer to becoming a reality

Published Mar 3, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Smoking hemp is not a crime, or is it? Most would say no, but the question is, how does law enforcement tell if someone is smoking hemp or cannabis?

Well, there is no real way, as hemp smells and looks just like marijuana which has THC and that poses a problem for those that use hemp for the CBD properties that help with chronic pain and many other ailments, but because of the confusion hemp can cause for law enforcement they are trying to squash the pre-rolled packs of smokable hemp that contain only CBD.

Hemp products that are banned

The rise of the public interest in smokable hemp has come out of the left field for lawmakers, and they do not know how to regulate it. Indiana and Louisiana banned hemp sales in 2019. Texas prohibited the manufacturing of smokable hemp. Kentucky banned the sale of hemp bud cigars or cigarettes in 2018.This has led Carolina to a halt in regulating the production and sale of smokeable hemp products as there had been no talk about smoking hemp.

There is a hemp bill that should be passed and allows those that are 21 and older to purchase the product and use it as they see fit. The bill was voted in at 37-3 HB 962. The Senate also wants a commission dedicated to the study of smoking hemp.

The consumer tends to spend more money on CBD products such as tinctures and oils; then, they do the actual hemp flowers. As we all know, you do not get high from the hemp plant, and it allows a lot of people to be relieved from aches and pains as well as anxiety and depression. Some simply prefer to smoke hemp.

As far as the hemp farmers, they can have a very lucrative business. It takes very little to process and is of high quality. Although this does make policymakers a bit hesitant as to the health concerns that go along with vaping and smoking, there is also the fear that the hemp plant is psychoactive. Very few laws change without a study.


This seems a little counterproductive as we have been working so hard on have Cannabis legalized now hemp is the issue hemp provides an excellent profitable income for farmers that do need the help to stay afloat.

It comes down to the fact that the law cannot test a hemp cigarette to be sure that it is hemp and no Cannabis without going to a clinic to have it checked that conflicts with them being allowed to have cause to search a residence and or vehicle as hemp and marijuana smell the same but have different effects.

When this bill is passed, it will create an excellent opportunity for those that have already made some investment into the hemp flower to benefit. We will be able to freely chose to smoke hemp or use a tincture. The health concerns do make some sense but, at the same time, feels a little bit like a reason to prolong a long-awaited result.

We believe this is going to pass very soon, and we can see hope for new great products hit the market in the coming years. There is a presidential election just around the corner lets see how that affects the legalization of hemp flower and cannabis flower.

Medical marijuana bill clears Alabama Senate committee


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