Mike Bloomberg says jail time for cannabis crime is "dumb"

Published Feb 27, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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How quickly things can change in the budding cannabis space. Running for president in 2020 candidate Mike Bloomberg has been singing a different song in regard to his views on the legalization of cannabis. Bloomberg has previously voiced his opinions on the legalization of the herb, where he claimed that the criminalization of cannabis is the dumbest thing that anyone has ever done.

It happened when Mile Bloomberg, answered a reporter who asked if he felt the people of Colorado, who have legalized cannabis are stupid. He replied that the act of being incarcerated for marijuana is "dumb." He answered the Denver reporter by stating Colorado can do whatever is right for Colorado and that he does not advise that any other states that adopt the policy should proceed slowly.

Bloomberg stated in a recent interview that doctors are still not sure whether or not cannabis does damage, but that it is useful and safer than many alternatives as both a medicine and a recreational choice.

These are the Bloomberg 2020 platform views on cannabis

All of those exciting statements aside, Mike Bloomberg, the former New York City Mayor, is still not totally sold on the legalization of marijuana. One might view Mike Bloomberg and his ideas about cannabis legalization as a work in progress.

Who is Mike Bloomberg?

  • He is a democratic presidential candidate
  • Former New York City Mayor 2002 – 2013 (Republican)
  • He has tried cannabis and enjoyed it
  • Supported controversial stop-and-frisk program that was later ruled unlawful in court
  • He’s called medical marijuana as 'one of the greatest hoaxes of all time"
  • When he was mayor New York residents experienced six times as many stops by police and 50 percent more arrests were conducted for possession of marijuana
  • A multi-billionaire businessman

Mr. Bloomberg’s position on the legalization of cannabis seems to be morally incoherent, as he continues to appear to support prohibition even when his voice says that marijuana should not be treated as a crime. The Bloomberg 2020 platform and his opposition on marijuana legalization put him at odds with three-quarters of the Democrats. The primary voters who he was counting on to secure his nomination, are now uncertain of his position.

Interestingly Mike Bloomberg used incarcerated people to make calls for the Bloomberg campaign. Sources claim that people who were incarcerated at the Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center (a women’s prison), which holds 900 women, were contracted to make calls to California on Mike Bloomberg’s behalf. Were there crimes for cannabis violations? No one knows for sure, but it’s highly likely.

The inmates ended the calls with a disclosure that the Mike Bloomberg campaign was paying for the calls. The fact that women behind bars were initiating the calls was not disclosed to voters. When this situation was bought to light the spokesperson for Bloomberg 2020, Julie Wood disclosed that the campaign did not know about this practice and was not in agreement with it. As a result, they terminated the relationship that they had with the subcontractor.

Mike Bloomberg joined the race for the top position of the land, as President of the United States of America. He has spent millions of dollars into his journey for the top prize, and his wealth of $54 billion allows him to spend astronomical amounts of money on his Bloomberg 2020 journey.

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