Germany's two-step plan to legalize cannabis

Published Apr 22, 2023 09:00 a.m. ET
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Like many other countries around the world, Germany is taking a leap toward legalizing cannabis, a move made clear after the recent announcement of a two-step plan. The German parliament approved the proposal back in 2021 making the country the biggest in all of Europe to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

Step One – Decriminalization

There are two steps in Germany’s plan. The first focuses on decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis, making it so that those caught with six grams or less will no longer face prosecution or criminal charges. However, they may still be fined or face administrative sanctions. This change is likely to happen at some point this year.

Step Two – Legalization

Germany will eventually legalize cannabis for recreational purposes in its second step, though we aren’t sure when individuals can anticipate this shift, as there is no official timeline laid out in the approved plan. This next move is going to be more complex since a regulatory framework for cultivation, sales, processing, and possession will need to be created and established long before step two is put into action.

Since this European country is already home to a robust medical industry, which should help with the transition to legal recreational cannabis. Still, the government will need to decide how it will regulate this new market, as well as how these products will be taxed. It must also come up with a plan to enforce regulations and ensure the safety and quality of cannabis products.

How legalization in Germany will impact the industry


Once Germany completes both steps it’s going to have a massive impact on the industry which currently consists of medical cannabis. With so many companies cultivating medicinal cannabis the recreational sector is going to significantly expand a market that is already one of the biggest in all of Europe.

Soon new players will be drawn to the industry and they’ll be creating completely new products and marketing strategies to attract potential investors and customers. All of these companies will have to be innovative and adaptable in order to adjust to the regulatory framework as it’s put forth, and fine-tuned while developing cannabis stock that appeals to a unique kind of consumer, recreational enthusiasts.

Citizens of this vast country including those who have no interest in the industry have plenty to celebrate. Expanding the cannabis industry in Germany is going to positively impact the economy in many ways. Thousands of jobs that never existed here before are suddenly going to be available practically overnight. Sales of recreational products will create a new stream of tax revenue, giving the local economy a much-needed boost.


This incredible news from Germany is a huge win for recreational consumers. It’s also a change that’s going to do great things like taking the pressure off the criminal justice system, freeing up time and resources for law enforcement agencies, and perhaps most importantly helping to destigmatize cannabis.

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