Your Dope cannabis inspired apparel product review

Published Sep 25, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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Does your love for cannabis spill over into the clothing that you wear? If so, then Your Dope might just be the clothing supplier for you. This company has taken the usual weed slogans and graphics to a higher level by manufacturing some of the hottest and trending clothing options for the proud cannabis culture population to wear.

Here you will find fantastic weed designs on the clothing and weed accessories, and enjoy the eye-catching hemp leaves on your favourite clothing options like hoodies, t-shirts, and hats.  Is there a prouder way to show your love and passion for the tremendous marijuana plant than in your clothing?

1. The traditional Stoner Hoodie

Cost: $46.35

  • unisex
  • comes in black, navy, red, white, indigo blue and sport grey
  • sizes are small, medium, large, x large and 2xl

This hoodie is perfect for chilly nights and the word Stoner is proudly displayed on the front of the hoodie.

2. The Happy Stoner Hooded Sweatshirt

Cost: $46.35

  • unisex
  • comes in black, navy, indigo blue, Irish green, maroon, red, white and sport grey
  • sizes include small, medium, large, xl, 2xl

This stoner hoodie is an excellent selection for cool evenings as the front pouch pocket is great for keeping your hands warm. The slogan Happy Stoner is on the front of the hoodie.

3. The Herbalist T-Shirt

Cost: $33.09

  • unisex
  • lightweight with the perfect amount of stretch in the fabric
  • Herbalist proudly displayed on the front of the t-shirt
  • comes in black, black heather and navy
  • sizes x small, small, medium, large xl, 2xl

When it comes to accessories for your dope clothing look at the Herbalist T-shirt.

4. Beautiful Marijuana Leaf Beach Bags

Cost: $46.35

  • well decorated with a beautiful marijuana leaf
  • comes in one size
  • capable of holding 44 pounds

If you prefer the traditional drawstring bag approach to display your love for the plant then you might want to check out the color black and yellow design instead.

5. Black and Yellow Drawstring Bag


Cost: $34.41

  • bag size is 15" by 17."
  • weight limit 33 pounds
  • twin cotton handles with a drawstring closure

No cannabis culture enthusiast wardrobe would be complete without a bee themed drawstring bag.

6. Hemp Leaf Cuffed Beanie

Cost: $39.72

  • unisex
  • hemp leaf design
  • comes in white, black, navy spruce and heather grey

This is a snug-fitting beanie that is perfect for adding to anyone's interested in cannabis cultures wardrobe, and the hyper allergenic feature makes this Beanie a must-have item.

Where does Your Dope ship to?

The shipping policy for this company allows for free shipping to the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. Your Dope has centers in USA and Europe.

Why hemp clothing is the hottest new trend

Hemp clothing is the buzz word in the clothing industry today. The industrial hemp plant is proving to be a complete full spectrum plant. The uses for this product are unlimited, which is why many stoner type clothing companies are utilizing the plant to promote its market to the cannabis culture.

The hemp plant can produce soft and healthy fabrics. Cotton fabric is much more delicate than hemp fabric because the hemp fibers have a larger surface area that helps to provide strength. This characteristic enables the hemp fibers to dry thoroughly and retain their beautiful color better than your average cotton or linen.  The industrial hemp plant is known to be one of the strongest and most durable of the natural fibers in existence today.

The benefits of hemp clothing

The resistance to mold makes this an astounding fabric, which is now being utilized more efficiently today. The plant itself does not require the use of herbicides or pesticides for its cultivation, making it beneficial for the environment. The process of making hemp clothing results in a material that will not contain pollutants or expose them to the person wearing the clothing. Hemp fabric also helps the consumer who has sensitive skin be to wear some of the cannabis culture clothing that is available today more comfortably.

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