Levi's brings a wave of hemp clothing

Published Aug 27, 2019 01:19 p.m. ET
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Is hemp clothing coming?

The cannabis industry is in its growth stage and there are many cannabis products that have emerged on the market. This is a result of legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in some states.  By extension, it may also be one of the effects of legalizing weed in Canada.

Hemp has many purposes. It is derived from cannabis Sativa and can be used to make many products. Hemp products do not only include CBD oil; recently, it has been realized that hemp can be an alternative fiber for clothing.

Hemp is lightweight and it is stronger than cotton and also resistant to the weather. Hemp plants can be grown quickly, and it is not expensive to grow. This makes it ideal to be used for clothing. The cellulose fibre in hemp can make products like jeans, shirts and other clothing. There are also other hemp products such as paper and skin care items.

Also, hemp is usually blended with cotton to make hemp clothing because hemp is not as white and soft as cotton. Hemp town Clothing and the Canadian federal Science Organization NRC have found a way to process hemp into “Canadian cotton” called Crailar.

Levi’s Hemp Clothing Line

Additionally, Levi has found a way to make hemp's texture similar to cotton. The similarity in the texture and appearance of hemp jeans to cotton clothing will leave you confused when trying to identify which one is hemp. This can influence the clothing and the cannabis industry. Data estimates that the hemp industry will reach $13.03 billion by 2026. Hemp is an option for reliable and useful clothing. In March, Levi's made a collaboration with ‘Outerknown'. This collaboration features a pair of jeans and jacket from hemp.


Hemp’s texture is like cotton, and it is longer and coarser as a fibre. The process Levi's has utilized take less water than it normally does to turn hemp into coarse material. Paul Dillinger, head of global product of Levi's said to Business Insiderthat the hemp clothing is doing well on the market with consumers. Dillinger also stated that the project would continue for a long time as Levi's intend to incorporate the hemp clothing into their clothing line.

Levi is also in the process of improving the hemp cotton into a quality product that can make other products and even stand on its own. However, there have been challenges in the cotton industry regarding the need for freshwater for cultivation and processing of the material.

Furthermore, Dillinger explained that Levi's is not thinking about replacing the entire cotton industry with hemp clothing, as more research is needed to revolutionize hemp into the industry of clothing. People may even make assumptions that because hemp clothing is sustainable, then it will be expensive, and many will not be able to afford it, but this may not be the case.

In conclusion, hemp can be used to make a variety of products, including clothing and it has been proven that hemp clothing is innovative and sustainable.

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