What to expect from the Skyloft Cooking with Cannabis Wake and Bake

Published Feb 24, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Marijuana legalization in Canada, whether you need it for the numerous medical conditions that cannabis has proven beneficial for, or for recreational use is now in its second year, and you are free to use your legal budding harvest from your four plants in any manner that you like.

So, how do you use them doing something other than the old school method of smoking weed, which requires rolling a joint?  Everyone knows about the traditional pot brownie from back in the day, but time has moved on, and brownies are not the only edible that you can use your home-grown cannabis for.

The Wake and Bake

Skyloft Food Studio, located in Toronto, Canada, is providing the public with hands-on knowledge on how to decarboxylate and infuse food with cannabis. The company currently offers a 3-hour cannabis cooking workshop. This is an interactive workshop where you will able to take home any oil that you make at the class.

The course has some rules that have to be enforced for legal reasons.

  • You must provide a legal government-issued ID and be 19+
  • You must supply the required 2.5 grams of legally grown or purchased cannabis
  • The company will not mail or store your marijuana for you

The class will teach you how to activate marijuana. To infuse food with cannabis, the marijuana buds must be activated. This procedure releases the psychoactive properties that the herb contains. Alcohol, salt, sugar, flour, and fats can be infused the potent cannabinoids like THC or CBD. This class will be teaching only the perfect methods and the most healthy and productive processes. After the infusion is completed, the class will use the infusion for a recipe.

Correct dosing is also an intricate part of the infused cannabis cooking class. Knowing how to dose your edibles will help you to maintain a consistent amount of THC? CBD can also be the base in your delectable homemade goodies. A part of the class is spent on the science behind edibles and cannabis. Quality assurance will also be discussed, and information on how to audit your cannabis for quality will be provided. The company is a legally complied educational service, and unfortunately, there is no cannabis for consumption or sale on the site.


The organizers of this cannabis event are qualified for their skills in the cannabis space.

Joshua Tuck

  • Chief Revenue Officer/Co-Founder of Cannabis Cooking Company
  • Over twenty years of experience in the cannabis industry
  • Diploma in digital marketing
  • Cannabis knowledge includes propagation, cultivation genetics, infusion processes
  • Certified level 1 Canna Reps certified cannabis sommelier

Vanessa Labrecque

  • COO and Co-founder of Cannabis Cooking Company
  • Cannabis Sommelier Level 1
  • Co-author of the cannabis-themed book "Healing Cannabis Edibles."
  • Pastry chef

David Brott

  • Chief executive officer
  • Worked with top Fortune 1000 corporations
  • Enjoys the combination of his love of the herb, fine dining and business planning

Tamara Lilien

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Cannabis Sommelier Certification
  • Founder of CannaLily Consulting
  • Passionate about breaking down the stigmas attached to cannabis

Brent Leitch

  • The executive chef for over 19 years
  • Instructor at George Brown College
  • Worked in Hong Kong, California and Canada's most elegant restaurants

Ticket information

Tickets for these events are $100 plus your cost of the legal herb, which you must bring with you to the class as it is not provided. As the second cannabis rollout has passed, the interest in this company and what it can provide for the cannabis user is growing. The price of edibles purchased in the legal stores is high and the dosing is limited to 10mg per serving. This is a low level of THC or CBD, and many users require more.

The Wake and Bake cooking classes are perhaps one of the best investments that cannabis connoisseurs and the like can invest in. Smoking weed is still the most popular way of consuming the herb, but edibles can take your experience to an entirely different level.

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