Cannabis events in the U.S. to look forward to in 2020

Published Jan 18, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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What wonderful way to spend a weekend. Smoking weed, learning about the industry, and seeing all of the new and improved products displayed in a room full of like-minded individuals! Every year there is a list of events that are proud to be all about cannabis. Whether you are just looking around or hoping to learn and improve your business, there is something here that is sure to please.

Well, 2020 is not going to disappoint you. The year is full and ready to explore the ins and outs of being a cannabis entrepreneur! A great way to do some networking and promote your products. We have made a list of events in the US that might tickle your fancy!

January 15, 2020, Los Angeles -Taxation of a Legal Cannabis Conference

This event is going to give you some valuable information on taxation in the industry, which is something that can help you to educate yourself. Since we are heading into tax season, all kinds of tips will benefit your company. It also helps you understand how cannabis tax is going to work while meeting and networking with other business owners.

January 29th- Texas Premiere Hemp & CBD Event

The creators of kush.com have made this event possible. It is one of the largest hemp conventions in the country, with a great gathering of hemp and CBD professional business owners from around the world! This event will have some of the biggest names in the CBD & Hemp legal business world. Followed by an after-party with cocktails and live entertainment.

February 7,8,9 - Hawaii Cannabis Expo

The Hawaii Cannabis Expo is all about educating the public about the many benefits of cannabis. This event will guide you on how to safely access marijuana in Hawaii for those that are registered patients. They will be featuring educational seminars, panel discussions, glass blowing demonstrations, and exhibitors' food booths from all the leading companies in the marijuana industry.

February 13,14,15 - US CBD Expo - Vegas

In Vegas, you will learn all kinds of things about cannabis products such as creams, cosmetics, CBD pet products, capsules, lotions, coffee, bath bombs, toothpicks, gummies and much more. This is a great event for business owners and customers to learn valuable information about CBD.

March 24,25 - Analytical Cannabis Expo - San Francisco

This expo is focused wholly on the best cannabis extraction and regulations which have an impact in this part of the industry. Scientists will be able to present their standpoint, and you can find out what the industry has been working on in regards to the extraction process. Those that attend will be surrounded by like-minded people that have an interest in the science of cannabis.

April 18 - National Cannabis Expo - Washington DC


Here you can enjoy a day full of excellent music, food, activism, hemp clothes, and organic products. This expo will be a great and informative show where you are sure to find something of interest as there is a mix of everything to enjoy!

May 28 - Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

This event is a business to business trade show for the legal marijuana industry. This is a place for everyone involved in the cannabis business to learn from each other, and there will be lots of valuable networking for everyone.

June 23 - High Desert Cannabis Industry Summit - Hesperia, CA

Learn about the industry and the different directions that it may be taking. There will be lots of media coverage and great networking as well.

July 30 - Cannabis Drinks Expo - San Francisco

This event is perfect for brand owners and distillers to learn the directions that this aggressively growing cannabis industry is taking. This is also a place for you learn about growing your business and network your brand. This is going to be a gathering of drink business professionals.

September 25 - Indo Expo Trade Show - Chicago

This a supportive expo for professionals to get together and do some networking. They will be showcasing hundreds of companies, brands, and growing information which is why this is going to be the place to be in September for sure. There is so much information to be exchanged by all professionals in the industry.

So much is going on this year for the betterment of the cannabis industry, and it is incredible to see these businesses with a spotlight to show off their talent. There are so many professionals that finally have a platform to present all kinds of industry info here that you can't go wrong with events like these.

What a great feeling it must be to feel accepted and to be able to show your stuff without the taboo involved all out in the open. These are all proud cannabis events and we can imagine that there will be many more to come. Be sure to check pack a weed pipe and check out some of these awesome shows to support the industry and the growth that is happening right before your eyes.

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