Top 10 novelty stoner accessories of 2020

Published Apr 28, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Browsing stoner gear can get boring once you have what you want, and everything else starts to look the same, but if you’re looking in the right places, you might be surprised by the variety and unique ideas that are out there. You’ll just have to find them, and to help you to do just that, we’ve compiled a wild list of some of the best stoner novelty items on the market in 2020.

1. Death Star Grinder by PARK AVE

Cost: $10.75

This novelty weed grinder is a fantastic little piece of artwork that’s been molded to replicate the death star from the Star Trek tv series. Unfortunately, this tool of destruction won’t lend you the force, but it will bust up your cannabis buds no matter how tight or hard they may be. The Death Star is a 3-piece grinder that comes complete with a kief catcher, storage, and fancy gift box, which makes it a fast, easy, and affordable gift or personal score.

Where to buy: www.amazon.com

2. Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter by Sweet Cookie Crumbs

Cost: $5.89

If you’ve ever considered the possibility of making edibles or other delicious goodies into work of arts that look just like a pot leaf, then this is the novelty stoner pick for you. Whether you enjoy baked goods, fruit, sandwiches, pancakes, vegetable, fruits, crafts, or eggs, these incredible tools will make the task a whole lot easier. Each one is crafted with stainless steel, so they can be tossed into the oven or a frying pan to make the perfect shape, and then go straight through the dishwasher, and still be no worse for wear.

Where to buy: www.amazon.com

3. Smoke Odor Removing Set by Cannabolish

Cost: $29.99

Cannabolish formulas are known for their effective ability to remove pungent cannabis smoke smells while using natural elements that aren’t hazardous to your health, which is why we highly recommend springing for the starter pack so that you can see the magic for yourself. Each package includes one travel size spray, a full-size spray for the home, and a gorgeously decorative candle that will gently burn away the scent in no time, and nothing you buy from these guys will include toxic ingredients like perfumes or chemicals, so they’re perfect for those with a high sensitivity to smell that linger.

Where to buy: www.cannabolish.com

4. Pitch-N-Puff Combo Pack by Puffiington’s

Cost: $15

This combo pack is perfect for the stoner in your life who loves to golf. Inside you’ll find one stash ball and one tee that is molded to fit perfectly. Though it is a tad bit smaller than your average golf ball, it offers a spectacular quality that holds up to plenty of use for both professional and occasional players. The stash ball twists apart into two discreet parts so that you can stash up to 2 grams of your favorite strain and carry it around with ease. It’s smell-proof, functional, and doesn’t come donned with a pot leaf, so unless you tell the people you play with, no one else around will ever know the difference.

Where to buy: www.puffingtonsgolf.com

5. Limited Edition RAW Trident Joint holder by RAW

Cost: $18.95

If you’ve ever tried to roll a fancy piece of weed art, only to fail miserably with a sticky green mess that just won’t smoke, then this novelty stoner accessory might be the solution that you’ve been looking for. Its got style thanks to the input from Snoop Dogg himself, and this 3-pronged joint holder will turn any 3 normal-sized cannabis rolls into a giant fork that somewhat mimics the old-fashioned cross joint. You can use cones, or roll your own, and you’ll no longer have to worry about your skill with rolling papers again, while still impressing your friends.

Where to buy: www.amazon.com

6. Toking Hazard Card Game by Joking Hazard


Cost: $33.95

The creators of Cyanide Happiness have brought us years of laughter and inspiration, and now their newest release takes the cake as one of the best stoner novelty card game options out there. With a goal to complete the most awful and hilarious comic strip of your life, players race their way towards the finish line in hopes of being number one. One of the best parts about this board game is the fact that the 350 card Toking Hazard game can be expanded on, based on your interest by adding booster packs that are sold separately, to keep things exciting, and personalizable.

Where to buy: www.boardgames.ca

7. Little Box of Weed Kit by Magnetic Poetry

Cost: $7.95

If you live in a legal weed state, then this might be the only weed box that you can gift to your friends in the mail, which probably has at least a little bit to do with this novelty success. At first glance, it truly looks like an old-fashioned mint tin that flips open, but once you’re inside, you will find 72 stoner related words that can be mixed and matched for a world of fun. Since each piece is magnetic along with the box, you aren’t going to be losing any pieces, and they also work on the refrigerator, so if you need a larger workspace to get creative, it’s totally an option.

Where to buy: https://magneticpoetry.com

8. The Cannabis Taster Journal by Goldleaf

Cost: $16.99

This cool novelty is designed for the most experienced and thorough cannabis connoisseurs out there, as it’s intended to record and monitor the most important cannabis information for you to refer back to later. It’s perfect for documenting everything by strain, from the flavor and aroma to the resulting effects, so that you don’t have to rely on your memory when the time comes, and it is offered to you in-store. It may not be a good book for every stoner, but those who appreciate the finer things in life are sure to have a blast with this one.

Where to buy: https://shopgoldleaf.com/

9. Grow Your Own Weed Stretchy Gag by TDGP

Cost: $9.25

Want to know how much your friends really know about weed? This fantastic gag stoner novelty is just like the animal grow children’s toys that are on the market today, only better because they will keep on growing and absorbing water until they turn into a massive pot leaf right before your eyes. Though it may be called Grow Your Own Weed, this hot item is perfectly legal no matter where you side, as it doesn’t actually grow a cannabinoid laden marijuana plant. Once it’s removed from the water, it will harden, and then it can be preserved as a great memory to look back on and laugh about.

Where to buy: www.amazon.ca

10. ‘I Don’t Do Drugs. I Just Smoke Weed’ Metal Sign by Smart Blonde

Cost: $4.99

For those who want a stoner novelty piece that can be hung up and displayed with pride, the option of a custom-made sign may be just what the doctor ordered. This magnificent thing is ideal for any room in your home, work, or office, and though it’s loud and proud, it sports a sort of elegant twist on something that is normally full of stereotypical colors and images. In the middle is one large pot leaf that spans out through the saying across a white background, which really makes it pop, and it’s so affordable that you might want to grab a few for your friends while you’re at it.

Where to buy: www.smartblonde.net

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