Tips and tricks for hosting the greatest karaoke party with cannabis

Published May 14, 2023 01:00 p.m. ET
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Hosting a karaoke party is sure to be a bundle of fun, and if you’re willing to toss cannabis into the mix it’s only going to enhance the experience. Creating a memorable night your guests will never forget may sound like a challenge, but if you plan, prepare, and invite the right people it’s going to be a success. Here, we’re offering some helpful tips and tricks to make the process easier and ensure you don’t forget any essentials along the way.

1. Choose the right place
The first step in planning any kind of party is finding the right location and though it might not sound like a big deal, your choice could make or break a karaoke bash since guests will be rocking out to loud music, singing their hearts out, and they’re likely going to be high while they’re doing it. Complaining neighbors will kill a buzz instantly. You’re also going to need enough room for people to chill and move about. Ideally, a convenient space to consume should also be offered. So be sure to locate a venue or space that can accommodate everything your party needs.

2. Create a karaoke playlist
Once you’ve settled on where the karaoke party will be, it’s time to get to work on creating a killer playlist filled with songs your guests know. A mix of classic and modern hits is recommended, and if you’re running low on inspiration, ask your friends to get involved in the process so they have the chance to sing at least one or two of their favourite tunes.

3. Set the mood with lighting
The first step in setting the mood for karaoke is ensuring the atmosphere feels right, and lighting plays a big role in that. It may be wise to consider colored lights, lasers for added fun, or dimmable lamps, so it’s easy to adjust the ambiance as needed.

4. Offer cannabis
You can’t have a cannabis karaoke night without the products, so don’t forget to stock up before the day of the party. Offering a range of options to suit the preferences of all guests is best, so it’s a good idea to add edibles, pre-rolls, bongs, drinks, and vaporizers to the menu if you can. It’s also important to have enough on hand to ensure you don’t run out, especially if it’s an after-hours gathering since it may be difficult to find an open store nearby.

5. Have non-cannabis options
Cannabis is a wonderful addition to any party, but it’s also essential to offer up alternatives for those who reach their limits early in the night and guests who don’t want to partake. So don’t forget to add non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and finger foods to your shopping list.

6. Encourage safe consumption
You want friends and family to have a blast, so safety may not be at the top of your mind, but it should always be a priority at cannabis parties. Encourage safe consumption, don’t pressure anyone into partaking, make time for breaks, and be sure to have an emergency plan in place, just in case anyone accidentally overindulges.

7. Survey guests to designate a DJ
Hosts often don’t realize how much work having fun with friends will be, and it’s a lot for any one person to handle alone so we highly recommend surveying guests to find someone willing to fill the role of DJ. As you’re tending to attendees, filling food trays, pouring drinks, and controlling the crowd, they can keep energy levels high and the party moving smoothly by taking care of song requests as they roll in.


8. Have fun props and costumes available
If you want to add an exciting element of fun to your karaoke party, props and costumes are an easy way to elevate the entertainment. Anything from hats and wigs to body suits and accessories will provide an engaging activity to compliment the music. It’s also a wonderful way to break the ice, as the silliness encourages everyone to let loose and relax.

9. Use social media to memorialize the party
Cannabis parties are no longer taboo, so why not take advantage of social media platforms to memorialize the experience? This way, you’ll have promotional content that’s sure to get people excited about future events, while attendees will have the opportunity to share the fun they had with others who couldn’t be present.

10. Plan safe transportation for your guests
Last, but not least, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so your friends and family know exactly how they’re going to get home safely after a night of indulging in cannabis. Ride-sharing services, designated drivers, taxis, and up-to-date bus schedules are all great options.

Know the risks

Cannabis parties are always unique events that deliver entertaining experiences for all, but it’s essential for a host to be aware of the potential risks that may be involved. Cannabinoids affect each person differently, so some guests could end up dealing with an overwhelming thing enthusiasts like to call greening out. Even those with nothing but positive sensations are likely to be impaired, which can increase the chances of accidents or injuries.

That’s why it’s best to tackle these issues head-on by planning ahead, ensuring everyone has a safe way home, offering plenty of water, encouraging safe consumption, and providing plenty of non-infused options so guests can comfortably relax while they wait for the effects to wear off.

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