Tips and tricks for a fun cannabis party photo booth setup

Published May 13, 2023 01:00 p.m. ET
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No cannabis party is complete without a photo booth so that guests can capture the experience and it’s really easy to make sure they also have a whole lot of fun while doing it. This interactive feature adds an exciting element to any event and gives everyone the option to take something home as a keepsake to look back on or show off to friends and family who couldn’t attend.

If you’re looking for direction as you design and set up a unique photo booth for a cannabis party this article is a great place to begin. These tips and tricks are guaranteed to help you create and build the best, most elevated, engaging, and entertaining picture-taking space!

Choose a theme

Since this booth is going to be displayed at a cannabis party, it may be a good idea to come up with one or more related themes. Picking a theme will make designing this space so much easier. You could go for a simple plant theme, or lean toward including bright psychedelic colors and patterns instead. Either way, you’ll achieve a vibe that’s sure to be one of a kind.

Offer at least one backdrop

Backdrops add personality and style to photos, and they dress up the booth so it’s not just a plain boring box. Add an elaborate design, bright solid backing, or a groovy pattern, or go the extra mile by offering a few different options guests can choose from for a more personalized touch in each image.

Add cool props

Props will bring your photo booth to life, making all the difference with only a few accessories so guests can create fun memorable pictures. At a cannabis party, things like joints, bongs, hats, shirts, glasses, or signs with hilarious relatable sayings are all perfect additions. Beyond that classic props such as necklaces, bows, or wigs are always a huge hit.

Get the lighting right

Good lighting is a crucial element for taking amazing pictures. Guests are going to want to see themselves clearly in these images, so brightness is key, but adding a softer light that’s flattering is just as important. In most cases, even in darker spaces, a simple ring light will do the trick.


Create a hashtag for social media platforms

Hashtags are a great way to create a buzz, and they make it easier for attendees to share their favorite images with family and friends. Coming up with one that’s unique and catchy is the challenge. Also don’t forget to display the one you choose prominently, so everyone knows to use it when they post these captured memories on social media.

Include a remote shutter

Even when there’s someone readily available to snap pictures a remote shutter can come in handy when they need to take a break, or if guests want more control over their keepsakes. Both wired and Bluetooth remotes are excellent features depending on the capabilities of your camera.

Be ready to print images on site

Taking a picture is easy, but having the tools you need to print them off so everyone has something physical to take home can be a little more tricky. Luckily, portable printers are relatively affordable and easy to use. If that’s not an option then it’s important to let guests know how and when you’ll have their images printed. Alternatively, emailing them could work, but then they’ll leave empty-handed, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Have fun!

The most essential thing to remember is to have fun with it! Let loose, enjoy the creative experience, and encourage your guests to do the same. A photo booth is only one aspect of the party, so it may take a bit for people to interact with it. Be patient, make it enticing, and make the most of every moment including those that aren’t captured on camera.

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