The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for the cannabis enthusiast

Published Feb 9, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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There is often some pressure while we head out on a journey to find the best Valentine’s day gifts that money can buy. Now, if the love of your life is a lover of the green, then we’re here to help, with an amazing list of cool and unique options to choose from, which will save you hours of deliberation and window shopping.

Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Though many of the gift ideas on either of these lists could work for either gender, we will first highlight those that are most often preferred by or made for men.

1. Weed shirt

Cost: $20.00

Men can be hard to buy for, but cannabis-themed shirts, sweaters, or muscle shirts are a sure-fire solution when you can’t come up with any other valentine’s day gift ideas. Men’s cuts are really easy to find, and you can go with any design from a more elegant golden crest, to a more colorful stereotypical option.

Where to buy:

2. I love weed pants

Cost: $25.00

Does your man love to make a statement about his love of cannabis? If you answered yes, then a comfy pair of stoner sweatpants might be the perfect gift for him this Valentine’s Day.

Where to buy:

3. E-lighter

Cost: $17.00

Every cannabis enthusiast would get excited at the idea of opening some free weed, but one other thing that they will probably always need is a good high quality and reliable lighter. E-lighters are rechargeable and flame-free, which makes them one of those rare gift ideas that keep on giving.
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4. Adult weed cookie jar

Cost: $100.00

With edibles in such high demand, it makes sense to invest in some safe storage options, especially in households with kids. No one would like if an unsuspecting guest grabs a laced cookie without a heads up, so if the person you are shopping for this Valentine’s Day loves their baked goods, this gift idea might be perfect.

Where to buy:

5. Weed board games

Cost: $10.00 - $50.00

Cannabis-related or themed board games can make an excellent gift for the guy that loves the less techy things in life, and there is no shortage of choices available for stoners. One of the best selections around right now is on Amazon, where you can find everything from pot card games to stoner monopoly, and more.
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Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Your special woman deserves the best this Valentine’s Day, and to help, here’s a bit of inspiration to get you started on the rigorous search for the ultimate gift.

1. Pot leaf ring

Cost: $32.00

If your lady friend loves the vibe that homemade goods have to offer, then she will light right up with this unique piece. Though it is designed by a high-quality maker, this cannabis ring boasts a silver finish and a hand-painted design for an extra special touch this Valentine’s Day.

Where to buy:

2. Cannabis dress

Cost: $20.00

If your girlfriend or special someone is brave, outspoken, and loves a little bit of extra attention, then make some dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant, and right before you head out, present her with this long sleeve cannabis-themed dress. It boasts a darker hint of elegance while featuring some of the largest and boldest pot leaves you will ever find on clothes. It will hug every curve and stand out in a crowd no matter where you end up for the holiday.
Where to buy:

3. Weed bouquet

Cost: $50.00 - $500+

Where to buy: Unfortunately, you won’t find this one just anywhere, as most companies who make them don’t deliver or advertise outside of their immediate locale. However, it’s relatively easy to make one in a pinch, with little more than a few branches with buds and colorful flowers for fill.

4. Crystal weed pipe

Cost: $32.00
Quartz is beautiful as it shines, and for the woman who has more than enough or simply dislikes jewelry, this fantastic pipe can offer the same shimmer and shine without the extra commitment or super high price tag. You can often find them at just about any head shop or dispensary, but cosmic pipes have a selection to die for and will ship almost anywhere in the world. You just can’t beat that kind of convenience.

Where to buy:

5. All-natural marijuana plant skater dress

Cost: $90.00

We know that this is the second dress we added to this list, but it was far too hard to choose just one to feature. The first shows a more stereotypical stoner type design, one that’s flashy and exciting, but this one is simpler and meant to display the cannabis plant in all of its natural beauty, against an innocent and pure white background. For the more discreet woman who wants to show off her passion in a way that draws much less attention while looking just as stunning, then this might be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her.

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