The best places online to get pot leaf stickers, decals and key chains to personalize your bags

Published Sep 13, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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The cooler weather is upon us, and it is time to pull out the coats, scarves and book bags as we head into fall, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay stylish and express yourself by displaying your affection for the pot leaf.

Unfortunately, some of the biggest designers in the world still view cannabis as a relatively taboo subject and remain out of the game, but the market for marijuana leaf garbs like jewelry, keychains, stickers, clip owns and iron on badges is booming. There are so few stoner accessories that aren’t the same old thing, so here we have compiled a list of places to get everything from the most obvious statement accessories to the more discreet and elegant décor options for bags, book bags, and purses.

1. Amazon
Cost: $5-$60
Amazon is a trusted source of many household goods right across the globe, and their selection of affordable cannabis leaf themed goods is incredible. You will find everything from pot leaf stickers, and pins to jewelry, clip-on accessories, iron-on patches and more. This one stop shop is perfect no matter what’s your style, and you are sure to find something for everyone.

2. Café Press
Cost: $10 - $30
Café Press doesn’t have the widest selection of cannabis leaf merch on the market, but they do offer quality at a good price. A look at their website will reveal over 200 different marijuana leaf stickers to choose from, pot leaf shirts and hats, and a Blue Kush mini button that is the perfect accent to any stoners’ carrying bag, scarf or jacket.

3. The Toke Shop
Cost: $20- $30
If you are looking for a brand to support, that was started by a true cannabis enthusiast then you might want to check out some of the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into the marijuana leaf décor that you can browse through easily online from The Toke Shop. Whether you seek single keychains with quirky sayings, a more elegant design, a best friend interlocking option, iron-on patches and superb stickers designed by Canadian Artists, then you might want to head over to The Toke Shop.


4. Red Bubble
Cost: $5-$20
If you are a new student on a budget or just a money-conscious consumer, and probably want a way to dress your favorite purse or bookbag without spending your entire emergency fund to do so. Well, you might want to check out the massive library of cannabis leaf stickers that are available to anywhere in Canada or the United States through Red Bubble. With hundreds of different designs to choose from, including nearly every style you can think of backed by a high-quality glue strip in bulk prices that you won’t want to pass up.

5. Etsy
Cost: $5-$100
Though we all love the prices that big box chain stores might offer us, sometimes you just can’t beat the quality that comes from trying homemade pot leaf keychain, clip ons, chains, iron-on patches, bookmarks, stickers, pom-poms and so much more. While some of these have that stereotypical flashy look of florescent colors that some marijuana enthusiasts love, there are just as many options for the more reserved individuals who prefer not to draw unnecessary attention while still displaying their affection for the natural beauty of the cannabis leaf.

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