Pot leaf themed gift ideas for Canadians

Published Aug 13, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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The marijuana leaf is a beautiful display of what nature can provide when given the right love and care. The colors, shiny crystals and delightfully bright pistils make for incredibly powerful tools as art. Though weed leaf gifts might sound like a conflicting idea, there is no true stoner that will be able to turn down all these pot gifts ideas. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just another day, these gift ideas might be just the inspiration you need to make it memorable and meaningful.

1. King Ice Rasta Leaf chain and pendant

Cost: $129.95

Stoner jewelry has once consisted of mostly tacky colors, but legalization has brought forth an incredible amount of interests in making the marijuana leaf into something more elegant. The King Ice Rasta comes in only one size, but it’s a comfortable one that suits all shape. The pendant and chain consist of 14k plated gold, to keep it safe for long term use and even for the most sensitive skin types.

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2. 4 chamber Genie pot leaf herb grinders

Cost: $25

If you’ve loved your fellow cannabis enthusiast enough to invest in a weed leaf themed gift, but prefer to keep things on the cheap, then this weed grinder might be the perfect choice. It is rare to come across a marijuana gift of any type that costs less than this one right here, plus the quality is on point. This steel 4-chamber weed grinder features a kief catch and sharp metal teeth that will bust apart any bud in a matter of seconds with ease.

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3. PJ Bold weed leaf molds for edibles

Cost: $25.48

This one is both unique and cost-effective, and it lets the giftee continue to enjoy the thought for many years to come. These pot leaf silicone trays are FDA approved, dishwasher safe and come in packs of two. They are great for making chocolate, jello, candy, ice and just about any other hardened cannabis-infused treat you could think of with ease.  Each one contains eight sets in molds, so make a breeze of edibles for your closest friend with a gift that keeps on giving with these PJ molds at a steal of a price.


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4. Maple Craft weed leaf marijuana rolling tray

Cost: $2-$5 per piece

Most of the time, we shop for only one friend at a time, but what if there was a way to check hundreds of future must buy gifts off your list without having to spend a fortune? Maple Craft specializes in wholesale pricing, which results in per piece pricing that can go as low as $2 depending on the print chosen. With free shipping on purchases over $50 anywhere in Canada, and a host of thousands of marijuana leaf themed designs to choose from, you won’t have to settle on just one. You can have them all instead.

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5. Cannabis bouquet

Cost: $100-$600

Unfortunately, this one is not yet available on the market to Canadians in any pre-made form. They are, however, easy to make yourself if you have any skill with color matching and knowing the giftees favorite strains. Weed leaf extras that would normally be trimmed away and disposed of can be left on for some added flair, but this is typically more possible when you grow your own cannabis at home. Give a gift that your sweetheart or best friends will want to share, by combining branches from marijuana plants that are harvested from strains that produce flavors, effects and smells that they will love.

Where to buy: Products to make a bud flower bouquet can be purchased through your local cannabis dispensaries

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