Many cannabis consumers now have the time to try edibles

Published Apr 9, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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If you’re one of the millions of people who are stuck at home right now, then you’ve probably racked your brain to decide what to do with all of this unexpected spare time. Some consumers are taking advantage of this opportunity by experimenting with products that they’ve never ever tried before. For some, that is picking up some knitting needles and figuring out how to make something, and for others, it could be baking, arts and crafts, or gaming, but one of the most talked-about ideas involves cannabis-infused edibles.

What are edibles?

Edibles can take quite a few different forms, but they are essentially anything that you can eat, or drink made with an extra special ingredient like cannabutter or cannaoil. These cannabis-infused goods can come with CBD, THC, or a fair dose of both primary cannabinoids, so it’s important to recognize the difference between them before you buy one to try.

The different types of edibles

As we’ve mentioned, there are three different kinds of edibles, but there are only two primary cannabinoids, so here we will cover each of them separately. If you choose to pick up edibles that contain both of these powerful elements, then it’s safest to expect the effects of both rolled into one.

CBD edibles

CBD edibles are powerful in their own way, but this cannabinoid is most useful for its medicinal benefits as it is not psychoactive, so it will not get you high. Instead, it offers a broad range of gentler, less immediately noticed benefits such as an immune system boost, a reduction of inflammation which can help to alleviate pain, and a soothing of both the body and mind. Some believe that CBD edibles can also prop up the effects of THC by making them last longer, but in general, it’s not typically an option preferred by recreational consumers.

THC edibles

THC edibles are a whole different ball game, as they do provide an intense stereotypical high that can be overwhelming for new consumers. These sensations are excellent for relaxing, sleeping, gaming, reading, and pretty much anything else that you might like to do for fun, which is why they are the most preferred choice among recreational cannabis users.

Which one is better?


Comparing CBD edibles to the THC infused variety is not something that you can really do, as they are each vastly different elements with nearly opposite effects, and that’s why the only one who can truly answer this question is you. If you’re seeking milder, more medicinal relief without the fuzzy buzz, then you might want to opt for CBD, but if you want to get stoned, you are definitely going to prefer THC infused edibles.

How to safely experiment with edibles

The main reason that so many people are now choosing to try edibles, regardless of what they hope to get from the goods, is that this is a rare time when they will have days on end to experiment without having to worry about getting up for work in the morning, or traversing daily outings. This allows for time to recuperate from any potential side effects without impacting our day to day responsibilities, but no matter how much time you have, it’s still best to go into this with a solid set of guidelines.

  1. Head to your favorite search engine and search for ‘dispensary near me’ to find the closest legal cannabis store location to you. The status of the store in question is important, as legal facilities are bound by law to properly label their goods, so you’re a lot less likely to be surprised by what you get if you make your first purchase through a reputable source.

  2. Once you get your edibles home, separate 10mg worth, regardless of the cannabinoid in question. This is an excellent starting dose for beginners, which is nice because if you don’t like the effects, at this strength, they will wear off pretty quickly.

  3. Next, it’s best to have a friend or spouse close by that you can reach in case you experience any kind of adverse effects. Of course, these sought-after products aren’t toxic, but it might make you feel better to have someone there just to keep you relaxed and help you throughout the journey.

  4. After you’ve enjoyed a couple of edibles, it might be hard to resist reaching for more, but it’s important especially if this is your first time, to wait at least 2 hours before making that decision. Edibles will normally provide effects that last for 2-4 hours, but some have reported these sensations for up to 12 hours later, so you really don’t want to consume too much at once.

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