How we can help cannamoms to shake the stigma

Published Jun 3, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Moms have far too long been judged harshly for using cannabis, and even now that it’s legal in some countries, many still fear the potential repercussions of being associated with the plant. The stigma is still so daunting that mothers are terrified to get too openly involved with the legal industry, even if it could be helping them to pay the bills and plan for their future. They’re scared to buy it, way too nervous about working in it, and most continue to hide the fact they indulge in a little bit of green on occasion, all sad truths that we as a society need to actively change.

1. Increase awareness surrounding the health benefits of cannabis for women

One of the biggest drivers behind the widespread legalization of cannabis was the fact that it could help millions of people by treating a long list of medical symptoms and conditions because even those who are against its use for recreation can recognize its important role in health as a legal drug of choice. It’s a middle ground that can often convince the undecided, and when the facts are backed by science, they can even rally some of the naysayers.

2. Normalize responsible moms using cannabis

Can you think of a single show or movie that has glorified what it means to be a cannamom? This trend of demonizing cannabis consumers by portraying them in the media as stoned, lazy, irresponsible, immature, and unkept human beings used to be funny, and in some cases, it even helped to sell the idea of enjoying a joint with friends, but the time has come for us to show what it really means to be a cannamom. You know, the one that wakes and bakes right after getting the kids on the bus, before she can either get ready for work or gear up to spend the rest of the day running errands and knocking things off her to-do list…because that’s a much better representation of reality.

3. Education on the mental health risks of alcohol vs. cannabis for mothers

Society, in general, takes no issue with ‘wine moms’. In fact, super-sized wine glasses are generally viewed as a great gift that can help moms to drink the pain away. All the while, no one talks about how harmful this behaviour actually is, and it’s time for that to stop. We know the dangers and damage that alcohol can do to both the body and mind and those risks should be communicated clearly in comparison to the minimal adverse possibilities that exist with cannabis. Of course, too much weed can be detrimental too, but we need a fair way to assess the two so that regular productive cannamoms can feel empowered about their decision to choose cannabis.

4. More active female cannabis industry leaders

Women make up a large portion of cannabis consumers, yet still, they are the least represented in the industry. We see all kinds of male corporate CEOs, but if we saw more women in integral roles, it could really help to reduce some of the stigmas that so many mothers are faced with today. Seeing a strong, successful female make it big while also indulging in cannabis could be exactly what we need to make a difference in the eyes of society.

5. Create a cannamom culture that is similar to the wine mom culture

Number 3 on this list brought up the harms of alcohol and how we should be comparing the adverse potential of both substances, but we’re not suggesting getting rid of wine mommy culture. This, ideal is bonding, supportive, and for many mothers, a much-needed break that they enjoy far more than cannabis, and that’s ok, but we need to create a similar environment for cannamoms to feel comfortable in their own skin in too. Whether it’s cute t-shirts, funny sayings, or the ritual itself, we need to cultivate a side of cannabis culture that is dedicated to all of the green-loving moms out there.

Where to start

Most of the things we need to do can’t be tackled overnight, as it’s going to take years to undo the unjust stigma that surrounds cannabis today, but the shift forward has to start somewhere, and it could be with regular everyday people just like you!

1. Engage in difficult conversations

When you hear someone loudly exclaim that they have some kind of bias in cannabis, or if you know someone who gives you a hard time about using it, then you’ve been presented with the perfect opportunity to act as a teacher. It might be easier to ignore ignorant statements than it is to challenge them, but if you do so tastefully, you’ll be doing a world of good for not just mothers but stoners all over the world from every walk of life because we all deal with this kind of discrimination.

2. Share scientific research with friends

This is a really simple and passive way to let people know how you feel about cannabis without ever having to say a single word to anyone in person. With social media taking such a staple role in our lives, why not use it to your advantage by sharing all of the studies and clinical evidence you come across to support the use of the plant. Of course, you can also highlight them in person too, especially as you’re engaging in those difficult conversations we’ve just touched on. Either way, just simply educating those you know will help to slowly erase the stigma.

3. Write a book or blog on the subject

Are you a cannamom that has faced struggles in life due to the fact you use cannabis? If not, do you perhaps know someone else who has? Even if you don’t, it doesn’t take much research to arm yourself with enough information to speak up on behalf of the cause, and once it’s compiled and available for the public to view, you’ll have done your part by raising awareness on the many difficulties faced by both cannabis taking moms, and cannabis users in general.

4. Stand up for mothers who are experiencing discrimination

It might not ever happen to you, but if it does, the very best thing that you can do is offer your support so that those who are attacked aren’t left feeling like they’re alone. There is power in numbers, and if we stand up for each other when these kinds of situations arise, we’ll be one step closer to eliminating the stigma surrounding cannabis.

5. Be loud and proud about your opinion

Even for the most experienced cannabis consumers, this can be tough, but it sets an amazing example while encouraging others to do the same. We know based on surveys that more than half of all people are for legalizing the plant, while only a select few are brave enough to go against the grain. It may seem awkward at first, but once you own this passion, you’ll be speaking about it from the heart, and this above all else, will help cannamoms to win the battle against some of the most commonly believed stereotypes. Smoke your pipe in public. Host a pot party. Be loud and be proud about the fact that you love weed, and the rest will eventually fall into place.

How we can better support women in cannabis


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