How to stay out of trouble and enjoy weed in Ontario provincial parks

Published Jul 10, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Now that cannabis is entirely legal to enjoy and move about with in Canada, there are a lot more people who are heading out into the wild outdoors with a bag in tow. Nature pairs perfectly with itself, so of course you’ll want to bring some of your favourite green on your adventure, but there are at least a few things that you should know before you book your trip if you don’t want to run into trouble with it while you’re supposed to be enjoying a fantastic vacation.

One of the most important things that you’ll need to pay attention to is where you smoke it, as Ontario parks are governed by their own rules and regulations, so it is not safe to assume that with being outside one can smoke as he likes. So, to prepare yourself, you’ll want to make sure to memorize this list that includes all five places where it’s safe to smoke weed in Ontario provincial parks.

1. A private campsite

Most Ontario parks offer supreme camping options that include things like private campsites, cabins, or yurts, and during your stay in these spaces, you’ll likely wander around the surrounding areas in an attempt to get to know what’s around you to do, which means spending a lot of time away from your rented space. Unfortunately, the moment you step off of your campsite or lot, you’re in a shared space where cannabis use is banned, so it’s best to get comfy by the campfire and take it a blunt or two before you go exploring.

2. In the backcountry

Many provincial parks in Ontario boast a thick backcountry section, where visitors can camp, or adventure on foot to secluded sites to either cook a meal or get comfortable for the night. There are no amenities like bathrooms or electricity, but it’s one of the best places to go for a cannabis enthusiast because as long as you’re in the backcountry, there are no rules against smoking of any kind not even pulling out some delicious vape pens to get stoned.

3. On the trails

There is one thing that all Ontario parks have to offer and that is an extensive trail system for visitors to enjoy. Some are fit for additional gear like a bicycle or wagon to get through, and others are designed for the true outdoorsman who might have to hack through a few wild weeds along the way which means that there is a little bit of something for everyone and it’s one of the places where using cannabis isn’t banned in provincial parks. You will, however, want to ensure that you’ve left the parking lot and that you aren’t traversing down a paved path intended for mobile equipment, but other than that, you can go wild.


4. At the beach

Some of the provincial parks on the outskirts of the province are surrounded by glistening waters that make for a perfect afternoon on a hot summer day, and those that are there offer a range of public beaches for our enjoyment. Some are even equipped with a lifeguard, and though you’ll want to avoid the change rooms and parking lots, once you’re out on the hot sand, you can enjoy a spliff or a hit off your vape whenever you like without getting into trouble.

5. On the water (without a motor)

Though most cannabis consuming visitors to Ontario parks don’t make it to the beach out of fear of the crowds which can lead to an uncomfortable situation when you want to spark up, many don’t realize that there is another option, and it’s to float onto of the water. Whether there’s a river or a lake, you can hop on a boat and head out towards deeper water for a more serene view and a unique experience that includes a little privacy and personal space.

The only problem is that there are rules surrounding the type of boats that you are limited to. You can paddle a kayak or a canoe around and toke to your heart's content, but in Ontario parks, the rules are set by the government, which means that regular impaired driving laws exist even within the confines of the park. That means you should avoid any kind of boat that comes equipped with a motor if you want to avoid any potential issues while getting high on the water.

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