Places that you shouldn't bring weed, even if it's legal

Published Jul 2, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Now that so many places have legalized cannabis in some form or another, it is pretty common to come across a marijuana dispensary in most big cities and smaller towns. This is excellent news for consumers who have long-awaited legal access to pot, but the problem is that not everyone understands how to navigate this brand-new world.

It might seem like common sense if you live in a region that allows it, that you should be able to go just about anywhere without having to worry about getting into some kind of trouble for existing with your own supply of weed, but the truth is that not all places are equal. Regardless of the federal or state implemented laws, there are some places in legal areas that you just don’t want to go with a bag of cannabis, and we’re here to remind you of a few of them.

1. Court

If you’re showing up in court, then chances are pretty good that it’s to put your best foot forward. Whether it’s witnessing a trial that you hold dear to your heart or being part of one, you want to be in tip-top shape, without any extra things to worry about. Though it might be a stressful time, which is something that we often use cannabis to help us get through, it’s probably not a good idea to bring any more than what you can smoke on the way in, and that’s for a couple of different reasons.

The first and perhaps, most important, is that there is still a heavy stigma surrounding cannabis use, and though in most situations it’s obviously best to advocate for its use, this might not be the best time. Some regions have ordered courthouses to confiscate and cannabis that comes onto the premises, which could mean that your stash will be left with a total stranger for the entirety of your time there, enough to make any cannabis consumer nervous.

Now, in the above scenario, as long as you live in a region with legal weed at the federal level, you’ll likely get back your held stash at the end of everything, but if your first impression goes awry, then the situation might not turn out in the way that you may have hoped. Unless, of course, you have a medical need, it’s best not to walk into an important courtroom smelling like pot, no matter how much you want to normalize it, because you may be judged harshly, and the results could be life-changing in a negative way.

2. The hospital

Hospitals are the places that we go when we need help the most, and since they deal with open wounds and our health in general, they need an entirely sterile environment to do so. Now, this isn’t to say that simply bringing a bag of weed with you to the hospital is unsanitary, but it does cause a different kind of pollution that is very noticeable, and that is because of its smell, which permeates through any room in an instant, with very little effort.

Whether you’re somewhere in the hallways, waiting room, or you’ve been provided with a bed, interacting with others is a huge part of the experience. The doctor, nurses, and other patients surrounding you may be adversely impacted by the smell alone, and that is a large part of why hospitals and doctor's offices are largely scent-free facilities. Everyone involved including both medical professionals and patients, deserve to be treated in an environment that doesn’t make them uncomfortable or distracted.

Another important thing to consider when you’re spending time at a place that’s meant to foster people's health is the impact that the actual act of smoking may have on those around you. Cannabis smells a lot when it’s fresh, and that is only amplified with burning. On top of the smell, you should also be wary of the effects that blowing smoke toward a sickly patient or a doctor who's never toked might do, so avoid it whenever possible, and if you must smoke, do so before you go, a fair distance from hospital staff or visitors.


3. Borders

Some people believe that living in a county that has legalized pot at every level might afford them the opportunity to partake whenever they wish, but unfortunately, your citizenship isn’t what get’s you this right, it’s the place in which you do it that makes it legal. That is why so many people have a problem when they’re trying to cross the border into less 420 friendly regions, and that can result in permanent confiscation of your cannabis, and you may even be banned from ever crossing again.

Every region enforces this differently, but if you’re residing in a legal country, and heading out for vacation, to a not so forward-thinking place, then you might want to leave your bag of weed at home. Otherwise, your fun afternoon out shopping for excellent deals could very quickly turn into a narrow list of future opportunities for travel, and no one wants to get banned from seeing the

4. The airport

You may at first think that this place kind of intermingles with the last one on the list, and in a sense, you’d be correct because the trouble with flying is that it often crosses borders, even when you’d least expect, and it’s not just the ground that you plan to land on that matters, because almost anything is possible when you’re in the sky. That’s right, just flying over an illegal region could be enough to land you and your stash in hot water, and it happens a lot more than you might realize.

A lot of people believe that if they are flying from one legal country to another, they have amnesty for what cannabis they possess, because they won’t have to deal with the local authorities. The plan is never to stop along the way, somewhere that isn’t 420 friendly, but it’s entirely possible and even likely that it could happen. If your flight experiences any issues along the way or even a simple layover, and you have to land on soil that doesn’t have legal weed, then you could be fined, jailed, have your things taken, and more, so we highly recommend that you try it.

In conclusion

We know that it might be hard to leave your latest purchase from your favourite marijuana dispensary behind, but the truth is that the risk simply isn't worth the reward in most of the cases that we’ve mentioned here. The choice is ultimately yours, just know that it’s entirely possible and even likely that the decision to bring pot with you to any one of these places will come back to bite you in the end.

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