How to give Mom the gift of weed for Mother's Day

Published May 7, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Some moms would love nothing more than a simple bag of weed to celebrate such a special day but with the pressure to get this holiday right, it’s so much more satisfying to present Mother’s Day gifts that are unique. These DIY gift ideas are perfect for stoner moms of all kinds, from the avid grower with a powerful green thumb and love of the outdoors to those who prefer to avoid ingesting cannabis plant products. That’s right, we’ve got you covered with all of the best homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Build her a cannabis garden

Not all moms enjoy gardening, but for those that do, there’s nothing that could be more fulfilling than a cannabis garden, and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. If she loves to smoke or create her very own topicals, this could be a way for her to save hundreds of dollars this year, and even if she doesn’t, she might just love having a gorgeous cannabis plant to care for throughout the summer.

You could choose to be involved throughout the whole growing season, all the way through until the crop is ready to smoke, which would be a wonderful time to bond over a mutual love of the green. Or, you could cut out, dig up and prepare an outdoor garden, or build and set up a grow tent that she can tend to while you’re away, as a reminder of how much you love her that will last all summer long.

2. A canna-flower or fruit bouquet

Flowers are one of the most common Mother’s Day gifts you could possibly get, but if you take that idea and run with it by turning a bunch of large colas and buds into a beautiful canna-flower bouquet, she’s going to be more than impressed. Not only will she have more than enough weed to celebrate the holiday, but she’ll also get to see all of the hard work you put into this cool kind of artwork.

If toking isn’t quite her style, then fear not, because though she might not get a whole lot of use out of a pile of buds, she might throughout enjoy an edibles bouquet instead. All you need are some wooden skewers, fruit, cookie cutters to make pretty shapes, a chunk of foam to hold it all, and some cannabis oil to create an incredible looking bunch of fresh edibles that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

3. Host a cannabis-infused Mother’s Day brunch

Moms love gifts that they can open, as we all do, but even more so, they love to spend time with us and see us put our skills to work, as we create something magical and bond, something we do a lot of in the kitchen. Though it might not seem overly extravagant at first, your mom might absolutely love a low-key brunch over at your place, where she can sit back, avoid doing dishes, and indulge in what you create.

The best part about this idea is that it really is the best-personalized option on this list because brunch could mean anything. If your mom loves sweet things, then you might want to consider whipping up some delicious waffles, pancakes, or muffins to have with a side of weed tea, or maybe she prefers the extra protein, in which case, something like cannabis-infused omelettes could suit the occasion perfectly.

4. Make some DIY topicals

Some moms want nothing to do with the euphoric side of cannabis, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love a cannabinoid-laden gift, it just means that you’ve got to settle on the right one. Topicals are ideal in this situation because they are not ingested so only trace amounts of cannabis elements make it into the bloodstream, so it’s impossible for enough to make it through the skin to induce a buzz.

What it can do, however, is soothe achy muscles, melt away pain, and just relax in general, all things we know moms everywhere need, and it can do all that through topical applications. DIY sugar scrubs, creams, ointments, oils, face masks, bath bombs, perfumes, tampons, and bubble baths are all really easy to create and they make excellent Mother’s Day gifts.

5. Whip up some sweet treats

If you don’t want to give your mom a cannabis plant, bouquet, decorative fruit dish, or topicals, and a brunch just doesn’t quite sound right, then you might want to consider something that’s just a little bit simpler like a homemade package of hand-picked edibles. It could be a batch of brownies, a loaf of bread, some cake, or a whole cannabis-infused lasagna if she prefers something on the more savory side of things, and you can choose whether to use CBD or THC for the infusion, so you control the effects.

Chocolate, dips, candies, fudge, popsicles, or even cannabis-infused drinks can all make excellent Mother’s Day gifts, as long as you pick things that you know she loves for the base of the edibles box. It doesn’t even have to be fancy because nothing says “I love you Mom” quite like letting her take a load off and pampering her with a bunch of her favourite foods that she doesn’t have to make for herself.

Mothers Day gift ideas for the cannabis enthusiast


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