Highlights from the Ganja Goddess Getaway ladies only resort

Published Nov 15, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis tourism is ramping up as regions all over the world introduce some form of legalization. This trend is one that is getting a warm welcome from cannabis community members that have long-awaited more comfortable and suitable venues to meet their need and love of the herb.

There are so many exciting things going on in Cannabis Tourism that it can be hard to keep up, but the reality is that most venues, events, and exotic getaways are geared towards men or couples who are seeking relief from the daily grind. That leaves out a massive chunk of the population that is gaining steam within the industry, women.

Both women and female-identifying individuals are welcome at the Ganga Goddess Resort, which makes this establishment one of the first of its kind, and female cannabis enthusiasts are loving the results. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for a getaway that caters to the ladies, then you might want to check out the successful and highly recommended Ganga Goddess Getaway and Resort.

Here you will find everything that you will need to know before planning your trip, including where it is, what to expect, and how much it will cost you to be a part of this one of a kind cannabis experience.

What is the Ganga Goddess Getaway?

The Ganga Goddess Getaway is a female (or female identifying) only weed camp that opened its doors less than a year ago in 2018. So far, the weed camp has hosted just over 200 campers since then, with wait lists building along with the level of interest in a women-only experience. The getaway offers so much more than a place to go with your gal pals, and all participants return from the camp with something gained.

The purpose of all the activities that take place at the Ganja Goddess Getaway is to connect women with one another by building healthy, supportive friendships and relationships through bonding and stress reduction. While the majority of activities at this weed camp are group-based, they are evened out with some lighter, quieter, and more intimate portions of the trip.

With those who factors combined, participants have the chance to relax while also enjoying the great outdoors and having fun with cannabis and those they care about the most.

Where is Ganja Goddess Getaway?


The Ganja Goddess Getaway is located in the heart of California, but they host retreats all across the region in an attempt to be as inclusive and accessible for interested participants as possible. For those who reside outside of California, there is also hope, as the Ganja Goddess Getaway reaches as far as Colorado, Oregon, and even Jamaica.

So even if you’re not seeing a registration date up for grabs that you can attend, keep an eye out for future dates that will be opening for sign-ups soon, as you’ll never know when there will be a ladies getaway hosted near you.

What to expect at the Ganja Goddess resort

There is no one size fits all approach with this weed camp, as organizers are always updating, upgrading and tweaking the schedule and activities to better suit what people want or need, but there are a few things that you and your best friends are sure to experience on this trip, including massages, yoga, reiki, spas, hot tubs, swimming, and a luxury yurt so that you can take in the outdoors without having to hurt when you wake up the next morning. On top of all that, you will never have to cook a meal or pour your own drink for the entirety of the trip, and everything planned is optional, so you can truly kick back, relax, and take what you want from the experience.

You will not find cannabis grown, sold, or distributed at the weed camp, so it is important to remember to stock up before you head out for the trip of your life, as consumption including any method of ingestion is highly encouraged and supported throughout the entire trip, with some activities even requiring it to complete. If you are traveling from too far to bring your own, then check in with project coordinators to get information on the closest marijuana dispensaries for convenience.

Cost: Ticket prices vary depending on the event, as costs change with each venue and activity addition. However, past tickets have sold for anywhere from $200-$800 for the full 3 days and 2 nights, all-inclusive getaway.

Where to buy tickets: There are some third-party vendors of tickets but since they are always changing, the safest way to score tickets for the Goddess Ganja Getaway is directly through their website at www.glowinggoddessgtaway.com.

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