Tourism and the cannabis industry

Published May 1, 2019 01:15 p.m. ET
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Canada is the first G7 country and only the second nation to have legalized recreational cannabis. The legalization of cannabis in Canada has provided the tourism industry with a bright and happy future. From CBD massages, infused food, yoga and golf to mention a few businesses that have found a niche for themselves.

Currently, there are a few sites on-line that can help with accommodating you and your friends or family in 420 friendly accommodation.

• Bud and Breakfast
• Cannabis Airbnb
• Airbnb

These sites offer a variety of accommodation. Some provide a welcome gift. Seasoned cannabis users welcome the ability to have choices for where they can stay and enjoy their cannabis whether it is medicinal or recreational.

Another sector of the tourism industry poised for an increase in trade, are the private tour companies that are opening. Canada has become a destination for the cannabis user to vacate in.

Canna Tours a B.C company, offers unique experiences for the tourists visiting from outside of Canada and within. Not only are they exposed to cannabis experiences in the area but are comfortably and legally engaging in cannabis use. Tours will provide access to dispensaries marijuana eateries, and cannabis shops are on some of the available itineraries.

Canadian Kush Tours a Toronto based company has many packages available for the consumer to pick from. Prices range from $25 to $3000.

The Movement Cannabis Tours located in Vancouver promotes itself as a learning experience. Prices start at $29 to $100. This company believes in investing 4.20% of the profits back into the industry.


Toronto Toke Tours provides tours through vape shops, cafes, and accessories. Prices range from $20 to $150

After October 17, 2019, when edibles and extracts are legal for purchasing, culinary businesses are bracing themselves for an increase in sales. Cannabis infused restaurants and catering business are set to flourish with the influx of tourists that are expected, looking to experience a cannabis culinary delight.

Ontario has less restrictive rules compared to Quebec, and B.C. Ontario allows smoking outside which may encompass restaurants using their patios.

Cannabis and tourism could be an opportunity for Canada to show the world how cannabis is made and provide business opportunities for the entrepreneur. Since the legalization of the herb, Canada has become a location that world-wide cannabis users are looking at.

The tourist industry is gearing up for the multibillion-dollar projected industry that will include CBD infused massages, art museums tours, boat cruises to name a few of the areas that will be offering cannabis combined tours.

It would not be fair if we did not point out some of the growing pains for this niche in the cannabis tourism field. We need more cannabis friendly hotels in Toronto. There are issues around smoking in limos, currently, in Toronto, you may not legally smoke cigarettes, so cannabis smoking becomes an issue.

A final note that needs mentioning is the Ontario tourism agencies have little or no information regarding cannabis; this needs to change as it is a legal substance that Canadians or vacationers have the right to purchase and consume. A country that legalizes cannabis must surely help to support a business that endorses the use of this legal green plant.



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