Hemp office parties are the new trend

Published Jan 14, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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After a long work week at the office, many people like to meet up after work and have a cocktail or two. Since we can smoke and eat cannabis legally, there is a new trend starting in regards to a usual couple of cocktails after work with the colleagues. While sneaking in a spliff in a back alley is hardly a new thing, now it is not something we need to focus on hiding from the world. Alcohol has always been a massive part of most parties and or outings to a club. Now the trend seems to be a little coffee or tea to go with an array of different edibles and or cannabis.

Pot parties

Hosting a fun pot or hemp party is the same as hosting a party fueled with alcohol. You can supply the same activities just with mostly pot-themed. Some prefer a nice dinner and a joint as an after-dinner mint. With edibles legal now, you can have yummy cannabis-infused after-dinner mint how lovely. Some people claim the creativity they experience after indulging in edible or smoking a nice joint. So providing things that allow one to show there creative side is a very favourable choice.

Activities to enjoy

So you are hosting a pot party on a Friday evening, and you want to be sure your guests enjoy the night. Be sure to have some beautiful music of your choice. As your guests arrive, you can start by offering a lovely edibles. Games can provide some fantastic entertainment while feeling a buzz. Many party games will fit perfectly in a pot party. Below is a list of great games that you may enjoy.

  1. Rockband is an all-time fav at parties and allows you to unleash some fun creativity.

  2. Straight faced stoner is a load of fun while trying not to laugh or smile; you will find a room in full-blown laughter.

  3. Bong Pong is the same as beer pong; instead, the players will be taking hits from a bong instead of a drink.

  4. Jenga is an all-time favourite and always induces laughter.

  5. Lord of Cannabis is a great game that is sure to please your guests.

  6. Utter nonsense the naughty edition great for a room full of laughter.

  • Monopoly is so much fun and can go on for hours.

  • Risk is another favourite to play.

  • Dungeons and Dragons have been a long-time stoner game.

  • Smoking dice games always fun and entertaining.

  • All of these games are fun and are guaranteed to make you smile, relax, and have a great time.

    Snacks and beverages

    To avoid cottonmouth, have some drinks available whether its tea coffee or a sweet fruity drink, it’s a definite need if you and your guests are puffing. Munchies will be needed. Fruit trays and veggie trays some chips and dips, hemp seeds ground on top of ice cream is something to please the sweet tooth. It is always a good idea to allow guests to bring their favourite treats as well. A homemade punch is a great party pleaser. Hemp hearts, Hemp oil, and, of course, Hemp plants as a center piece are an excellent addition. Hemp oil in your tea or drizzled on a sweet treat

    There is nothing like a gathering on the weekend to have some smiles, laughter, and good conversation. Cannabis parties are fun because there are so many activities, music, food, games and people to share on a great Saturday evening. You can even throw in a movie if that’s what the vibe calls for as the sky is the limit so invite your peeps and co-workers and have a great time that everyone will remember. We do not recommend driving while high so remember to be mindful of your guests and how they get home. Good people, good times and good things are all you need for a fantastic get-together!

    Know both the risks and the benefits before hosting a pot party


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