Has COVID-19 increased your cannabis consumption?

Published Nov 27, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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COVID-19 is maintaining a firm grip on humanity, and as a result, much of the world is spending a whole lot more time at home. Some are working from home, and those who can't are still spending their off-hours where it's safest. This can be a wonderful thing as it allows us to reconnect with our kids, spouses, and in many cases, even ourselves, but it also means that we have more time to get stoned. This change has cannabis companies everywhere rejoicing.

Cannabis sales are sky-high. Even despite the mass layoffs and sudden loss of income that has plagued consumers, and it seems that they're still finding all of the money they need to smoke more weed. This could be interpreted as a good thing. After all, there are more dangerous substances like alcohol that people could be using. However, unfortunately for some, it's becoming a bit of a problem over these last few months.

Why so many cannabis consumers are turning to weed

From the very first time you learn how to smoke cannabis, it quickly becomes apparent that this plant is designed to produce the most natural sense of relaxation out there. Right now, our whole world is in chaos, and there is no end date or finish line that we know of to look forward to. This can be stressful for a lot of people, which is why some are turning cannabis therapy. Be it for self-medicating or due to a bunch of extra time. COVID-19 has significantly increased average cannabis sales.

How high is too high?

You might not think that you have a problem, especially if you laugh in the face of friends who worry about whether or not you might get too high, but it's not the buzz that's the issue. What it is instead is the fact that so many are smoking more than ever before, a move that can be unhealthy for both physical and mental health. It can also be hard on the pocketbook because it's isn't exactly known for being an overly affordable commodity, so smoking too much, can add up each month and cause financial strain.

Do you think you're smoking too much?

Have you noticed that you've been spending a lot more money to feed your habit now that you're working from home? If so, you are not alone, but that isn't the only measurement for an unhealthy amount. It would be more wear on the lungs, wasteful, and it'd likely be enough to make you feel lazier than usual. Other side effects may include anxiety, depression, and severe mood swings, so if you're experiencing any of these or just know that you're going through too much cannabis, it might be too much for you.

Tips and tricks to help you to manage your cannabis consumption


If you're one of the many cannabis enthusiasts out there who are struggling to get their consumption under control, then we've some incredibly helpful tips and tricks just for you.

  1. Cut out one joint or bowl each day to make the process easier.

  2. Focus on your most important times to toke, and try to remove most of the in-between sessions, so that it affects you the least negatively.

  3. Keep busy, because if you're just sitting around all day, you're going to crave the green as you'll have nothing else to focus your mind on.

  4. Roll smaller joints or pack smaller bowls.

  5. Measure out the amount of green you're comfortable with using over the day and then try your best to stick within the limit you set.

Young people are drinking less and smoking more weed due to COVID19


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