Halloween COVID style

Published Oct 18, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Northern Europe’s Celtic community is the origin of one of the spookiest nights of the year. Thousands celebrate this spooky day at the end of October, and this  time of the year is perfect for the cannabis lover to show off their green morsels.

The eve of All Halloween Day's feast, some refer to this day as All Saints Day, has somehow become the day that anything spooky is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Cannabis lovers enjoy a good Halloween party with all types of edibles and snacks for the occasion being the star of the party.  This is a night of partying, and where pushing the limit is both encouraged and acceptable.

When you're incorporating cannabis into the night of ghoulish fun, remember to be careful and to go low and slow with the spooky treats being offered. Be sensible if you are the host of the party. Presumably, you want your party to spook everyone but allow everyone to remain in a state of mind where they can enjoy the evening. Remember that your party can bring out the hungry green monsters, some dressed in costume, others maybe not.

What’s on the menu

Cannabis edibles will spice up the evening gatherings. Perhaps you can supply your guests with space cake or Halloween themed cookies. For those not really into the edible scene, don't worry. Halloween is full of surprises, and the ultimate Halloween pumpkin bong is the perfect substitute for those cannabis edibles.

The pumpkin bong

Pick the best pumpkin possible, selecting one that’s round and full of character. You will need to have three holes carved into the ghoulish artform. One of the holes will be for the bowl, and another will serve as a mouthpiece. The third hole will be smaller, as it is the breather hole situated on the side of the pumpkin. Show off your artsy side and carve weed leaves throughout the pumpkin for fun.

Location is everything


If you are not in the mood for a home-style gathering, especially in these times of COVID-19, why not take the people in your safe COVID bubble on a tour of a haunted house. Scout out an abandoned house or the spooky allegedly haunted house down that dark dead-end street, and remember to roll a few of your favourite Halloween cannabis strains to amplify the spooky walk through the abandoned, overgrown yard and into the devil's house.

What to wear

Perhaps your costume for Halloween could be a cannabis-themed affair. What day of the year can you be seen wearing a cannabis-themed outfit, without people thinking that you’re strange? Halloween, of course. Some people rent a costume for the evening from professional costume renters. The giant cannabis leaf costume is often spotted at adult Halloween gatherings.

Final thoughts

Remember that this year, Halloween will be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual parties can be the only way for some to enjoy gathering avid cannabis users in a safe environment. The puff puff pass era has gone. However, this does not mean that you can’t celebrate a ghoulish cannabis Halloween. Halloween 2020 may not be the celebration that cannabis lovers have looked forward to. Still, those devilish ideas can be implemented, and the celebrated day can be enjoyed by all of the adult goblins out there.

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