Colorado to allow tasting rooms and weed delivery services

Published Nov 20, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET

Everyone is going crazy over legalization in Canada, but few cannabis consumers realize that it has been a bustling industry for several years now in the United States. Despite its lingering illegal status as a schedule 1 drug, some states have been governing their own mini cannabis markets, and Colorado is one of the regions that has been doing it the longest.

It's been 5 years since the first legal Colorado dispensary opened

Enthusiasts know that Colorado is a hotbed for cannabis culture, with a relaxed set of regulations that has allowed for dispensaries to run in the open since January of 2014. The new policy led to a steady increase in tourism birthing some of the very first legal cannabis tourism attractions and tours in the US. Every Colorado dispensary must abide by 1 of 3 sets of regulations, which include recreational weed, medicinal products, and hemp products separately.

The shakeup

The owners of every Colorado dispensary know that business is booming, but there remains a significant gap in what the consumers want, and what they are currently offered, which led to some announcements about changes in policy that have the citizens of Colorado buzzing.

According to the new House Bill 1234, medical marijuana cardholders will be able to order weed delivery through websites, over the phone, and even through apps that will be available through Google Play and other online merchants as soon as January 2020. Recreational cannabis consumers are included too, but will have to wait a little while longer, as weed delivery to non-card holders won’t be happening until January of 2021.

Weed delivery services out right now under ‘weed near me’ on Google are illegal


It is important to know that this exciting announcement is wonderful, but it doesn’t come into effect until January of 2020 for medical patients, and it will be another full year before any legal aged citizen will have access to the same services. In the meantime, any weed delivery offers found online or advertised through any other avenue are still entirely illegal.

Tasting rooms and weed delivery with a catch

If you live in or travel to the area and are looking forward to your first visit to a local lounge and a one of a kind legal weed delivery service, don’t get too excited just yet, as these exciting new promises come with a few caveats. Each city and town will be afforded the opportunity to opt-out of hosting tasting rooms, lounges, and other similar venues, and that’s not all, as they will also decide separately as to allow or prohibit weed delivery within the area.

So, in order for the citizens of Colorado to enjoy this long-awaited experience, they will have to reside in a region that approves of it. As we have seen in other areas like Ontario, when municipalities gain power over this decision, there is really no telling what will happen. There could be several new storefronts and weed delivery services within a few miles, or you might have to travel over a few towns or even further, and only time will tell whether or not this change will be enough to drive out the black market throughout the state.

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