The best weed delivery apps on Google Play

Published Sep 21, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Searching google for the closest “head shop near me” likely isn’t going to turn up with any type of reliable delivery service. Unlike most other industries that are allowed to grow freely to create a healthy amount of competition, most regions have heavily restricted weed delivery, leaving customers searching for more affordable options to purchase buds without having to make the track down to the nearest marijuana dispensary.

Luckily, there are a few brave souls who have managed to go against the grain to serve customers in a lower key fashion that offers discretion, choice and affordability. For many people with disabilities, it can be nearly impossible to leave the house, never mind shopping at an incredibly expensive weed shop a few towns over. Even if they could, there is the convenience of ordering nearly anything else consumable by simply picking up the phone or downloading an app from the Google Play Store.

This list of the highest-rated weed delivery apps focuses on Canadian consumers, but most span right across the United States as well:

1. Weedmaps
Most enthusiasts know Weedmaps for their massive library of resources for the average cannabis consumer, but did you know that in most areas they also offer weed delivery? Quite often you can find products that sell at a fraction of the expected cost, and with same day delivery to your door, you just can’t go wrong after downloading Weedmaps.

2. Leafly
Leafly is yet another well-known site, and while their advertising section seems to have sold out to corporations, the website and Google Play app remains the number one resource for both weed delivery and their extensive collection of helpful and educational articles for consumers right across the globe. Search for the closest “head shop near me” or place an order with a local delivery service all from the comfort of your own home.


3. Releaf Marijuana
Releaf is a medical marijuana company that delivers buds across both Canada and the United States to eager patients who are seeking a more natural alternative treatment than most pharmaceutical options could never offer. Unfortunately, they won’t sell to recreational consumers, but if you happen to have a license and find that it’s time to fill your prescription, then you might want to check them out for their wide variety of medical cannabis strains at affordable compassionate prices.

4. Weed.App Cannabis Search
The Weed.App offers a massive database that covers all regions that currently have legalized marijuana. Whether you seek a real, in person shopping experience through your local cannabis dispensary or prefer a quiet and more discreet shop from home delivery service, they’ve got it all. With live and real time menus that include all important information like terpene, CBD and THC content, alongside informational articles to cover every cannabis related topic you could imagine. All at the tips of your fingers with any phone that is compatible with Google Play.

5. Best Buds
If you aren’t interested in sifting through endless amounts of pages upon pages of information, then Best Buds might be perfect for you. This app puts consumers and vendors into contact after verifying that the products sold are legitimate, blue sealed and approved options, so that you can order weed delivery with confidence and easy, with little more than an active internet connection.

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