A sneak peek at the Enlightened Dining Club in Toronto Ontario

Published Feb 19, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Canadian cannabis enthusiasts have long awaited the option of a themed venue or event to match their preference of the green over alcohol, but those hopes were little more than a fantasy until recently. Now, unfortunately, this experience is the only one of its kind in the area, but if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Toronto that can offer something that goes above and beyond the norm, then you will want to check out the Enlightened Dining Club.

What is it?

The Enlightened Dining Club has taken over cannabis media headlines after introducing its first round of elegant five-star experiences to some local stoners over the month of January. The club is a monthly series of moveable dinners hosted by the popular, innovative, and forward-thinking cannabis brand byMINISTRY.

Where is it?

This exclusive cannabis venue is quite secretive and is always on the move to keep things interesting, so there is no one place that you can head to for this culinary experience while randomly in search of things to do in Toronto. Each dinner shifts to accommodate a different preference and attitude and those with access to this sensitive information are few and far between.

What we do know is that so far, all past and future Enlightened Dining Club dinners take place somewhere in the big and beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario. So while we hope to see this expanded upon in the future to open access to people in all areas of Canada, right now, you will need to either travel to or live in the big city to catch a glimpse of the moveable feast.

What to expect


Think of the fanciest dinner party you have ever attended, and the chances are that this event would take the cake in comparison. There are no promises for these meals aside from the always evolving cannabis-infused menu, but if what’s been reported so far holds any merit in regard to what you can expect, you are sure to be amazed. Every single course is personally prepared by culinary experts with experience in the craft of designer cannabis edibles.

Though you will probably leave this meal feeling warm and fuzzy, you likely aren’t going to experience any of the intense sensations that are often associated with edibles, and that’s because the chef promises to keep the THC content level at a maximum of 10mg, but that’s not all. One appetizer or dessert will be served with a balancing effect of CBD to help guests to manage their buzz while still enjoying themselves.

The menu is inspired with the utmost care to enhance and utilize the many benefits of the cannabis plant, including the natural flavors and terpenes within. They also seem to boast some of the familiar green hues with simple and wholesome ingredients that will leave you feeling full and content for the rest of the evening.

Ticket prices and access

If you want to experience one of the latest and greatest things to do in Toronto, then you are going to need to find yourself and a friend or two who have access to these incredibly limited and elusive tickets. Unfortunately, this dinner isn’t one that you can take in if you have a limited budget, as the ticket prices average between $100 and $150 per person. However, if the price is something you’re willing to pay out, then you will need to follow the website for updates, as it is the only official vendor for tickets at this time. The next dinner will be taking place in February.

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