A-list celebrities who love to smoke weed

Published Mar 17, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Smoking weed is a practice that a few A-list celebrities have adopted into their daily living regime.

  1. Miley Cyrus has been heard stating that she thinks that smoking weed is the best experience on the earth.

  2. Brad Pitt professes to be an artist at rolling a joint.

  3. Whoopie Goldberg maintains a personal private relationship with her vape pen.

  4. Cheech & Chong proclaim when trouble is around, they take a toke, and all issues go up in smoke.

  5. Rihanna prefers the more beautiful things she likes her Kush rolled.

  6. Jay-Z, although not a regular smoker, likes the odd joint to help him think.

  7. Andy Cohen has been known to make pipes from old soda cans; he claims he is terrible at rolling joints.

  8. Willie Nelson is a strong advocate believing that people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug but a flower and herb which God put here.

  9. Lady Gaga likes to smoke a little bit at night for fun.

  10. Snoop Dog will smoke his pot anywhere he wants and expresses his feelings that President Trump can do nothing about it. His mission is to smoke a blunt in the White House.

Actresses who have been open about their use of marijuana


1. Jennifer Aniston
Aniston and her now-ex Brad Pitt enjoyed smoking herb together. She would not call herself a pothead but believes that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional smoke now and then. Everything in moderation is the motto she rolls with.

2. Paris Hilton
Paris can provide proof of her enjoying smoking weed by displaying her criminal record. She was once arrested in South Africa for allegedly smoking marijuana. Charges were dropped in this incident; however, a video is floating around that shows Paris smoking weed in 2007.

3. Cameron Diaz
Diaz smokes joints and has been photographed many times doing so. Snoop Dog went to the same high school as her, and she claims that Snoop was her weed dealer back in those days, long before celebrity status took over for the both of them. Snoop agrees that that situation may have occurred.

Ancient Cannabis lovers

Cannabis and its use have been around for centuries, and to prove it, we wanted to touch on some of the oldest cannabis consumers.

1. Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria is rumored to have used all kinds of drugs to assist her with her labour pains, but her solid drug choice was weed. She probably used a weed tincture, which suggests that she was used to the green dragons.

2. Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc smoked pot and the witch’s herbs. Be thank-full that you didn’t live back in the 15th century, or you could have been burnt at stake like Joan.

3. Shakespeare
William Shakespeare enjoyed smoking a pipe that was found buried in his garden. Perhaps he was paranoid and felt that burying his pipes in the garden was a good plan for deception.

4. George Washington
George Washington was a hemp farmer, and rumours suggest that he rolled up the odd joint or two to enjoy. He shares the position of pot smoker with many other famous presidents like Jefferson, Clinton, and Obama.

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