30 Hilarious and witty cannabis-related sayings

Published Jun 11, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Stoner ingenuity is often credited for the thousands of homemade bongs and pipes that we’ve seen over the years, but our talent runs much deeper than that. In fact, cannabis enthusiasts are well known for their unique perspective, and hilarious jokes, and when we combine the two, we’re quite the wizards with words. Whether you’re looking for short quotes, funny sayings, or weed puns, we’ve got you covered.

Uses for these fantastic short quotes

Most of the sayings and quotes that you will come across here have been repeated through the years to the point where they have become engrained within cannabis culture. Many are recognizable to other fellow stoners, and some of them can apply to both regular, everyday situations and things to do with weed which makes them an ideal tool for discreetly joking with your fellow cannabis enthusiasts without anyone around you knowing.

These sayings also make a hysterical conversation piece or starter, and if you’re a true lover of the green plant, then these funny sayings can work as a guide for artwork that you create to display how proud you are to be a cannabis consumer. Be it on a t-shirt, a sign that hangs in the garage, or on a personalized bumper sticker, these 420 friendly quotes and word jumbles might be just the inspiration that you need.

Top 30 funny weed sayings

A really good place to go for some of the best stoner sayings is to the memes that circulate on the internet, but most of what you find there will have begun somewhere else entirely, and since each piece will typically boast only one saying, it can be hard to compile a good list to reference just in case you ever need it. Now, after spending hours scouring the internet to find the best content possible, we’d like to introduce the top 30 most memorable and entertaining funny sayings and stoner quotes.

  1. A friend with weed is a friend indeed

  2. Don’t panic it’s organic

  3. Weed is gluten-free

  4. Keep calm and get medicated

  5. Sorry for my bluntness, that's just how I roll

  6. Don’t fear the reefer

  7. Weed go well together

  8. High spirits

  9. God made weed, man-made beer, in god we trust

  10. Marijuana – Nature’s way of saying high

  11. The most dangerous thing about weed is getting caught with it

  12. People call stoners lazy, but the blunt doesn’t pass itself

  13. Inhale the good sht and exhale the bad sht

  • Good buds stick together

  • Flower power

  • Everything is better with a bag of weed

  • Let’s blow this joint

  • It’s not a drug it’s a leaf

  • Wake and bake

  • A friend with weed is a real bud

  • I smoke to get high because the world is so low

  • It’s 420 somewhere

  • Just doob it

  • I don't do drugs I smoke weed

  • When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself

  • I’m on the seaweed diet, I see weed, and I smoke it

  • Free your mind one puff at a time

  • You have to cough to get off

  • I live the high life

  • Smoke weed everyday

  • Why there are still so few good digital weed games


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