10 Reasons to check out online cannabis events

Published Jul 24, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Now that we’re forced to confront and accept a brand new normal that looks nothing like what we’re used to, most businesses and industries are adapting to make the situation as tolerable and functional as normal. It’s a challenging task that not everyone is prepared to handle, but everyone is changing and evolving to make living life as safe as possible during these uncertain times.

One of the big changes that we’re seeing is the disappearance of cannabis events, as most drew in crowds of thousands, which would make social distancing and contact tracing nearly impossible. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t still some great things to do this summer. It’s just that what will be offered at upcoming events might not be all that you had expected as most large-scale operations have moved to online platforms instead of in-person settings.

Cannabis events today may have changed drastically over these last several months, but there is still plenty to see, do, and learn if you’re willing to dive in and traverse this unchartered territory for yourself. Since change can take time to be comfortable with, we want to help you get started by highlighting some of the many reasons why we think that you should be a part of the next big upcoming events for cannabis.

1. It’s new and exciting

The whole world has been tipped upside down, but there is a silver lining to all of this, and it’s that the situation has forced the cannabis industry to bring in both new and old ideas to make it all work. In a day and age where so many connect online to save money, traveling time and energy, it only makes sense that this would one day become a widely offered option; COVID-19 just helped to speed that up a little bit.

2. They can be a whole lot of fun

Cannabis events today have come a long way from where they once were, offering a host of fun interactions for all those who wish to participate, and that idea hasn’t been lost through the transition to online platforms. You might not be able to pile up into a building with hundreds of people to enjoy it, but you’ll find plenty of fun and engaging offerings from online events this summer.

3. Networking solutions from a safe distance

Though most think of the consumers who might be impacted by huge adjustments like this, few consider the businesses that require large scale industry events to make lasting connections that can help them to thrive and stay competitive. Luckily, this is still a handy feature that is available through many upcoming events for cannabis, so if you’re looking for ways to connect, then this is where you’ll want to be.

4. Lots of free events

When big industry events switch to online platforms, they’ve gotten rid of most expenses that they’d normally incur, which means that they can put on a show at a fraction of the cost. There are no security guards or registration officials to employ and no overhead costs for a facility, which means reduced prices and in some cases entirely free events which means that you can get all the same benefits without spending as much money.

5. You don’t have to leave your seat to do it

Many of us have become quite adjusted to staying at home, but we still want fun things to do to keep the mind stimulated, and what better way to do that than to take in an online cannabis event. You can stay in your pajamas if you wish, or you don’t have to leave the comfort and safety of your home, which is something that a lot of cannabis consumers and industry professionals want right now.


6. Take in information when it suits you

Some of the upcoming events that include cannabis are live feeds that are much better to tune into while they're happening, but more online options can be enjoyed anytime, any day, and from anywhere. So if you don’t have time on the day that it’s released, you can tune in when you’re done working or on your next day off without missing a single thing in exchange for incredible convenience.

7. Online cannabis events include those who will remain in restricted areas

Every country is dealing with the pandemic in their own way, and some areas are much less affected than others, which means that while some areas begin to allow traveling again, many others will have to wait until the coast is clear to proceed. So, even if you do live in a region that eventually allows in-person cannabis events, then chances are pretty good that they’ll have to exclude those who reside outside of the area, which means that you’ll lose out on a whole bunch of important information. Something that isn’t a problem with online events that can accommodate everyone.

8. Support the legal cannabis industry

The cannabis industry and market are still relatively new to the scene which means that many of the companies that are operating within the green space have very little for prior revenue to fall back on during these hard times. One of the many ways that you can help is by sitting in on online cannabis events to show your support and help them financially whenever possible.

9. Online platforms help to reduce the risk of getting sick

Some people just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of jamming themselves into a packed indoor space, and for a good reason after everything that we’re currently going through, but online events today allow you to forego all of the risks that can come with traveling and attending in-person venues for a similar experience. So, stay at home, stay safe, and get educated on cannabis while you do it by attending an online cannabis event.

10. It’s the only available option right now in most areas

No matter where it is that you live, your life will have been significantly impacted by the arrival of COVID-19 to the world, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop having fun. In fact, it’s even more reason to get out there and get involved in whatever is possible right now to get us through this difficult and uncertain time. Since, for now, online cannabis events are truly the only viable option for the foreseeable future, it may be in your best interest to get a feel for the scene by attending one or two yourselves.

What to expect from virtual cannabis events this summer


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