What to expect from virtual cannabis events this summer

Published Jun 2, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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The world is changing since the arrival of COVID-19, and the cannabis industry is shifting right along with it, which is why this year, most cannabis events have switched from live and in-person conferences and shows to virtual online platforms that can be taken in from the comfort of your own home. This is excellent news as it means fewer canceled and postponed cannabis events, but it also means that we’re going to be getting a whole different experience than what most of us are used to.

It can be slightly concerning wanting to get involved with something that you don’t completely understand, but this new normal is one that will have to be accepted until this whole pandemic thing is under wraps. Luckily, giving up what we know doesn’t have to mean a lesser experience, as several online 420 events have proven, and we’re here to assure you that even though it might not be what we remember from last year, this incredible new world of cannabis events has plenty to offer for everyone.

1. A high-quality experience

Some cannabis enthusiasts and industry professionals might be concerned about the quality of cannabis events that take the attendees out of the equation, but what they may not realize is that every decision by organizers is made to appease everyone who partakes. The quality of your picture might be limited to the screen that you have on hand, but the information, sessions, and experiences offered will still be enriching for both consumers and big shot industry players.

2. Interactive options

Another assurance for the people comes from the already announced cannabis events that have offered panels, discussions, and virtual meetings. This will allow participants to ask questions, and to engage with those who would typically be behind a booth or up on stage, giving a sense of normalcy in human to human interaction that so many rely on. It also ensures that everyone who wants to get involved, can, while still maintaining social distancing recommendations and public gathering limits.

3. Webcasts and seminars

Some people feel a tad out of place at large cannabis events, but the new online platforms allow big conferences, expos, and trade shows to go on without any pressure of having to leave your home. With online 420 friendly events, you can sit back and take in informational webcasts and seminars that are pre-recorded at your own pace with pause and play options. This makes things convenient and easy for everyone involved, every single step of the way.

4. The same big names that you know and love

If you were worried that the biggest names from the industry might not want to partake in what could be considered low key cannabis events that take place online, you couldn’t be any more wrong, as the most influential companies are doing everything they can to keep the culture and business alive. No matter which online cannabis events you choose to attend, there will be just as many, if not more important faces that you’ll love to see because taking things online means an easier and faster connection that allows even more busy industry players to get involved.

5. No in-person presence

Though organizers are doing their very best to make a seamless transition that will feel as normal as possible, there will be very few situations where you will see more than one person speaking at any given time, and when you do, you’ll see that they probably aren’t all in the same location. This is the safest way to do things right now, as it significantly helps to lower the risk for everyone so that both vendors and consumers can participant without fear for their health.

6. More affordable options


Now that the hosts of cannabis events no longer have to pay extra fees for things like a giant building to gather everyone in, and security guards to keep watch over it all, the cost of these kinds of virtual experiences is very likely to go down when compared to previous in-person dates. In fact, at least a few big names have always announced a reduced or free entrance fee, which is excellent news for anyone who is on a budget, and that opens the doors for those who wouldn’t normally participate to get involved.

7. Something to enjoy by yourself or with friends

We used to be quite limited when it came to who we could take along with us to all of our favourite cannabis events, but now, even if there’s a cover fee, you and your friends or family can all watch it together. Whether you all get together at somebody's home, or everyone watches safely from their own screens, then hop onto a group call to discuss it, the possibility of sharing the experience just got a whole lot easier. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like sharing and just want something to do, then you can do that too, without feeling uncomfortable for showing up or traveling alone.

8. Cameras aren’t needed

Normally when you head out to cannabis events, one of the first things that you’ll likely pack is a camera to perfectly capture each moment as it happens, but you won’t need that this year, as the virtual aspect makes it incredibly easy to record every bit of the experience without having to carry around a bulky tool. Recording with your device ensures that you’re always on time to catch the main events and activities go down and that you’ve got a great keepsake to hold onto, look back on, and share after its all over.

9. A safe space to connect with like-minded individuals

You might not be gathered in the same building as all of your fellow cannabis enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do some good old-fashioned connecting through the new online cannabis events. In fact, in some cases, these kinds of interactions are more comfortable than in-person exchanges, as you can pick and choose when to leap into a group conversation. Though you might not be able to get together and smoke a joint, you will still be able to make friends in most cases at virtual cannabis events.

10. Online platforms will have more involvement

Famous and widely used online platforms are expected to be a huge part of some of the biggest cannabis events moving forward, whether it’s a talk that’s hosted on Facebook or some stellar plant photos that are shared over Twitter, these online platforms give companies an affordable way to connect with a large audience, and to advertise plans for the very near future so you’ll know where to be to get in on the cannabis events that you’d get the most from. So, if you don’t already, you might want to make an account and get ready for the new influx of information that is about to come through.

Cannabis events over these next several months are going to be much different than anything that we’re ever seen before, but there is still plenty to gain from attending through a screen. So, get on out there, and be sure to stay involved, because we’re all in this together, and every little bit helps to keep the industry alive and flourishing.

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