The most modern cannabis dispensaries in the world

Published Jan 25, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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The United States of America is home to some of the most modern and eye-catching cannabis dispensaries, but they aren’t the only ones with hidden treasures. Gone are those non-descriptive weed dispensaries, as swanky high-end establishments replace them. The legal marijuana business is among the fastest-growing industries within the United States and perhaps the world.

Those involved in the cannabis space who own a recreational dispensary are hiring designers and architects to spice things up. These businesses specialize in building and designing modern grow rooms and dispensaries. A well-designed recreational dispensary can display a brand to the best ideal while taking the consumer experience to a higher level by intriguing the senses.

No longer do dispensaries have blackened out windows, and tee shirts hung on the wall while your senses take in the reminiscent odour of patchouli oil. Those old school dispensaries are being replaced with big, well-lit, high-end shops. Let's check some of those out!

San Francisco CA

Things have changed over time for this dispensary. In 2013 this was the location for medical cannabis. Fast forward to 2018, and the Barbary Coast Dispensary is now open for adult-use cannabis sales. Anyone over legal age can experience the atmosphere at this recreational dispensary and be impressed by both the products and design.

Click your heels together for a moment when you walk inside this place, and you will feel like you are in the 1920s, sitting on a velvet couch at a speakeasy bar. The friendly budtender whose backdrop is an exposed wall is ready to help you with the extensive menu as you walk up to the bar.

Although not modern in the sense of year, this recreational dispensary and the attached Cannabis Lounge and Dab Bar are defiantly included in those seeing the contemporary design planning work out. There is nothing better than having the option to purchase your cannabis at a place where you can sit down and enjoy it with friends in a laid-back, comfortable area.

Washington State

Bainbridge Island is the home to one of the most significant cannabis hotspots in the US and the Paper & Leaf dispensary. The outside of the building is very low key with a professional-looking logo. However, when you step inside, you enter an artsy, warmly lit, fancy wooden display area. The dispensary transports you to a different time with a high-end art gallery feel.

Edison bulbs surround a sizeable wooden oak table, and wonderful wooden accents are placed around the store for your viewing delight. Beautiful art decorates the walls while plants are placed around the dispensary invoking a peaceful, healthy space to meet all different types of consumer cannabis needs.

Aspen Colorado

The Silver Peak dispensary is nestled in the ritzy Aspen Colorado mountains. If you are a tidy, neat woodsy weed smoker, then this may be your dream place to shop for your cannabis needs. The high-class ski-lodge look is impressive, mimicking the greenhouses that the herb is grown in is in style and in line with the surrounding aesthetic high-end shops like Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci.

New York City


The Apple Store of cannabis is how MedMen wants its recreational dispensary to be described. The Los Angeles based medical cannabis company has multiple locations that span seven states, but it is the New York recreational dispensary that belongs under the most modern classification. The bright white walls and long narrow interior are part of the contemporary décor.

Beautiful wood accent surfaces have been included in the design, along with several modern glass-covered displays, which will hold the many products that are available at this dispensary. Touchscreen menus light up and also help to enhance the modern look of this cannabis dispensary.


Diego Pellicer is what some call one of the fanciest cannabis dispensary chains around. The rich patterned rugs that decorate the space provide a luxurious environment in the Denver dispensaries.  On the floor are luscious green plants adorning the large pillars situated in the shop. The impressive tin ceilings and earthy wooden cases make this dispensary more than just eye-catching.

The Diego Pellicer dispensary manages to provide the consumer with an old-fashioned, classy, and stylish atmosphere while providing a modern experience at the same time.

Toronto Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has a fantastic dispensary designed by Paolo Ferrari, an internationally recognized designer. The cannabis dispensary incorporates a blend of nature, artistry, and technology. Edition X, located in the Annex district of Toronto, provides a functional, tactile, and it offers a visual experience to enjoy while purchasing your cannabis.

The dispensary interior is on the narrow side, but the feeling of space is enhanced with a center elongated form that catches your eye and amazingly pulls everything together in the shop. Elements of the recreational dispensary design include a table and ceiling made from industrial fibreglass grating. The crisp grey and white colours schemes signal a crispness. A design that adheres to the Canadian regulations that stores be discreet in promoting the marijuana culture.

Final thoughts

If you enjoy interior decorating and you’re a cannabis enthusiast, then you should know that some of the best-designed dispensaries and displays are found in recreational dispensary venues. Cannabis is projected to be a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the ways that these products are displayed helps to contribute to the industry revenues. Style is essential to many, so why not shop at a modern recreational dispensary if you can?

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