The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is going virtual

Published Oct 5, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Virtual events are becoming the norm today. As we confront the COVID-19 pandemic, our way of doing business has shifted to virtual venues.  One premier gathering of cannabis investors and entrepreneurs in North America is set to follow the necessary trend by presenting the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference through a virtual events platform.

The virtual cannabis conference promises that visitors will not miss the person to person experience of any past cannabis conference. You will still be immersed in all of the benefits of a person-to-person venue, but you’ll be able to conference virtually from any remote location, making the experience much more convenient.

What to expect

The cannabis conference will be featuring interactive, live, and On-Demand presentations from some of the top cannabis investors, CEOs, and other leaders in the cannabis space. This is an opportunity you should not miss. The Benzinga cannabis event provides you with the opportunity to network with the shakers and movers of the cannabis industry from any location across the globe. Cannabis entrepreneurs will also be at the virtual event to engage in keynote and panel discussions.

Who will be attending?

  1. Cannabis investors will be available for to converse face-to-face (virtually) with the top cannabis companies, to discover and discuss the advancements that are being achieved in the rapidly changing cannabis space.

  2. Traders will be available to teach participants which cannabis companies are making moves.

  3. CEO’s from top cannabis companies will be part of the virtual event venue.

  4. Cannabis Executives will be available for 1:1 meetings virtually, of course, with lightning round presentations to assist in finding new opportunities for growing business enterprises.

Speakers and presentations


Some of the speakers attending the cannabis conference include:

  • Steve DeAngelo: Founder of Last Prisoner Project
  • Bob Fireman: CEO & President of MariMed Inc
  • Charlie Bachtell: CEO & Co-Founder of Cresco Labs
  • Kim Rivers: CEO of Trulieve
  • Michael Mills: CEO of Body and Mind
  • Kiran Sidhu: CEO and Co-Founder of Halo Labs

Presentations will also be included from cannabis companies:

  • Cresco Labs
  • Trulieve Cannabis
  • Entheon Biomedical
  • Canopy Growth

The all-day virtual cannabis event is perhaps going forward, how all cannabis conferences and gatherings will now be conducted. CannabisNewsWire will be marketing the event to its numerous followers by way of multiple newsletter brands, along with other subscription-based services on October 15, 2020.

Who is Benzinga?

Benzinga is a financial media company that is dedicated to making information so that it can be more easily consumed. The necessary shift to virtual events has been a new path for Benzinga to traverse. However,  the transition has proven to be successful, providing individuals from all parts of the globe the ability to connect safely.

Michael Mills, President & CEO of Body and Mind, has stated that over the past few months, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have participated in some form of virtual conference. He enjoyed his involvement in the Benzinga Capital Conference and appreciated the smooth organizing and meetings.

Final words

Is it possible that Benzinga has found the green path to success through the virtual space? If the upcoming Benzinga Capital Conference projections are an insight into success, the cannabis conference presented by the financial media company is on the right path.

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