Some of the best Canadian micro cannabis brands of 2020

Published Dec 21, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET

The cannabis game plan has changed in Canada, and micro-cannabis and small-batch producers are playing hard by providing quality products and bag appeal to the consumer. These cannabis brands are spotlighted in Canada by several growers and retailers.

Cannabis legalization in Canada has been in effect for over two years, and the legal cannabis that is available has been produced by some of the country’s largest producers. Here is where the game plan changes. The small-scale Canadian cannabis producers are providing a superior product for the shelves of retailers today.

Who are these micro-cannabis producers?

According to Ryan Roch from Lake City Cannabis, the time has come for the big producers to acknowledge and take note of the small growing operations. These operations are coming with fire, not just smoke. He also feels that overall, consumers are pleased with cannabis brands because they’re meeting the expectations of the public.

North 40 Cannabis

North 40 Cannabis has caught the eye of the bigger producers. Perhaps defeat can be noticed by the behavior of the big LP’s. The larger LP’s are looking to build partnerships with smaller producers. The ultimate goal is to produce good products and then to sell them under a craft label.


Pride is of utmost concern at 7ACRES. Growing high-end cannabis that is respective of genetic lineage and history of each cultivator is paramount to 7ACRES. Handcrafted flower is proudly produced by this small size grower. Each harvest is aimed at being better than the last one while giving “much respect to the plant” at all times is the goal of this small producer.

Habitat Craft Cannabis

Located in British Columbia, this indoor micro grower is using an aquaponic system for growing cannabis. Fish are raised along with the cannabis, and the small-scale approach has provided them with the opportunity to produce high-quality cannabis as well as large amounts. Quality overrides quantity for this grower.


Rudi Schiebel, the founder of Habitat Craft Cannabis, is only utilizing 75m2 of space for their first year of operation. He wants the company to concentrate on quality.  His products have been  made available in B.C, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Schiebel is looking towards working with the B.C government's distribution department to be the supplier for the cannabis market, to avoid spreading themselves too thin.

Dunn Cannabis

The founder of Dunn Cannabis, Logan Dunn, who has been growing cannabis for some time, has seen the interest that retailers are showing about his product. Local retailers have given his product and business a thumbs up. Dunn is pleased with the interest of his products even though they are often more expensive than the larger LP’s wholesale price.

Size does matter?

There is no size limit for the standard cannabis cultivator. However, there is a license category for the micro-cultivator. This action is meant to permit the small grower an entry point into the cannabis market. The smaller producer does have some advantages in the licensing requirement. The canopy limit for smaller producers must not exceed  more than 200m2 at any given time.

Final words

There have been some provinces that have shown their reluctance in dealing with small size cannabis producers. British Columbia has, however, expressed an interest in working with a number of B.C micro- growers to help them to put their products on the shelves. It appears that people do want quality provided by the cannabis craft space, as much as they prefer quantity today.

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