The best cannabis beverages to try in 2020

Published Dec 1, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Could 2020 be the year that consumers get a liquid marijuana drink that tastes good? Perhaps it is now time for the cannabis drink to make it into the mainstream market. The legal cannabis market is projected to exceed 23 billion dollars by 2022, and edibles, balms, and cannabis oils will contribute to those numbers along with weed drinks.

Cannabis beverages will be claiming their fair share of the market, and some of these drinks have been in the making for a few years. The legalization of cannabis throughout the country altered the wants and needs of the cannabis community to include cannabis in a beverage form. Cannabis companies throughout Canada, 33 American states, and D.C. have a vast target market to tap into.

Providers of cannabis-infused beverages

Constellation Brands, which owns Corona beer, invested $4 billion in a Canadian marijuana company in 2018. Last year Molson Coors teamed up with another Canadian cannabis firm. It is interesting to note that these transactions occurred before drinks and edibles produced from weed were legal in Canada even though recreational cannabis use had achieved legal status. Some of the other prominent drink labels include Tanqueray and Johnnie Walker, who have shown an interest in the marijuana market.

Name those cannabis-infused drinks

1. Two Flower IPA

Coalition Brewing produces this cannabis-infused beverage. These cannabis laden drinks do not contain THC. Instead, this beverage contains 4mg of CBD inside of a 12-ounce glass. Two Flowers is number one in a series of drinks that offer a light, crisp but bitter taste. The refreshing cannabis-infused drink, although delicious, will produce no feelings of being high.

2. Cannabis Quencher

VCC Brands has had its product on the market for some time now. The company is located in California. Recreational cannabis has taken hold in the Golden State, and the popularity of cannabis beverages is rising. There are several types of Cannabis Quencher drinks available for you to enjoy. CBD Mango offers 50mg of CBD and 50mg of THC. If you want a more intense beverage, be sure to try their drinks, which contain 100mg of THC.

In one 16 ounce bottle, you will be consuming just 20 calories, and the mouthwatering flavours include Old Fashioned Lemonade drinks, Hibiscus, Mango, and Strawberry Lemonade. VCC Brands wants its consumers to be aware of THC amounts in their drinks, and they advise them to follow their recommendations of no more than four capfuls.

Each capful is equal to 2mg of THC per serving. The company suggests waiting 45 minutes before drinking any more. It is said that if you drink the whole bottle at once and you’re not used to consuming weed, you might regret the decision.


3. Hi-Fi Hops

For those who enjoy an IPA- inspired beverage, Lagunitas could be the company you need to look for. Hi-Fi was founded in 1993 by Tony Magee. These 12-ounce bottles contain no calories but pack a comfortable 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD. Supposedly within six years, his staff was enjoying weekly parties at the 4:20 time slot, and the company had released several drinks in protest of weed prohibition.

Finally, the company released Hi-Fi Hops, a sparkling water infused with equal amounts of CBD and THC. So if you’re not looking for a drink containing CBD, this company has your back, as they have a unique brew that contains 10mg of pure THC.

4. Artet Cannabis Aperitif

If a non-alcoholic drink that combines cannabis culture with cocktail sociability is your preferred choice, then you will enjoy this beverage. Each batch is made with cannabis and seven botanicals. Each bottle contains fifteen shots of 2.5mg of THC, and an entire bottle contains 37.5mg of THC. This is a perfect cannabis-infused drink for newcomers or for those more experienced cannabis users to enjoy.

5. Savage Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder

This beverage uses nan-spectrum CBD that will maximize your CBD absorption and intake. By adding one scoop to water, you will enjoy Savages CBD's naturally flavoured nano-spectrum CBD. Each of the Savage CBD premium Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder packets contains 12 oz, which will provide 24 drinks in an eight-ounce glass of water. Each scoop of the CBD drink powder contains 6.25mg of CBD.

Final thoughts

The world's most consumed and produced illegal drug is cannabis. While more countries and states are legalizing cannabis, North American beverage manufacturers are eager to create their own cannabis-infused drinks. Numerous marijuana drinks will be available soon, including teas, fruit drinks, and non-alcoholic beers, but remember to follow the golden rule when consuming those deliciously infused drinks. Don't drink your beverage all at once, and go low and slow while you enjoy it.

Legalization cuts into beer sales as consumers make the switch


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