Hong Kong's new cannabis café is already a huge hit

Published Oct 3, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Parts of the cannabis plant are used in the delicious food and drinks offered at Hong Kong's cannabis café. The cannabis café is due to be fully operational in October after a soft opening in September. Yes, cannabis is illegal in Hong Kong, but do not worry, as you will not be breaking any local laws while enjoying your edibles. How is this possible, one might ask?

Café Found is the first establishment to offer biscuits, beer, a range of coffees, and fruit juices that contain CBD, a substance from the cannabis plant that offers therapeutic value without rendering the person intoxicated. CBD is typically used to help in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Unlike another famous cannabinoid, THC, which will evoke a high feeling.


On a corner in the Sheung Wan area of Hong Kong that is dedicated to pedestrian-only traffic, you will find an unassuming cannabis café with a few tables out on the terrace. Here you will see the cannabis cafe nestled among small dusty Chinese antique shops, where this coffee shop provides a full range of CBD products for sale.

The customers at Found all agree that consuming CBD coffee is a relaxing and delicious experience. One of the customers from the Found reported that she likes it because of the way that it makes her feel. Cognitively and physically, it addresses her aches and pains of a typical day, melting them away so that she can feel better.

Altum International, a cannabinoid supplier, operates the cannabis café Found. Hong Kong today has one of the most progressive cannabinoid markets in Asia. Fiachra Mullen, co-owner of the cannabis café, is hopeful that cannabis cafés will help to dispel the stigma surrounding CBD products. She is optimistic that the cannabis café will work towards distancing CBD from the cannabis plant element THC, which is used for recreational drug use.

There must be no THC in the edibles that the cannabis café serves. Hong Kong's government Centre for Food and Safety, under the Dangerous Drug Ordinance, states that the illegal import of marijuana containing controlled cannabinoids is a criminal offence. Under Hong Kong law, the cannabinoid CBD is not classified as a dangerous drug, and this is the loophole that the café operates under.

Altum has created a whole line of pure CBD oils and powders. The retail brand is more widely known as Felix & Co., and they carefully control the quality of the cannabis extracts that are used.  Altum ensures that CBD products are pure enough to satisfy the local restrictions.

Some of their best CBD products

  • Recommended for personal use, vials of CBD oil are often recommended to be administered under the tongue to alleviate sleeplessness.

  • Mini boxes of powders are for sale, which gives the buyers the best CBD products that can be sprinkled into butter and oils used to infuse your culinary dishes and edibles.

  • Products at the cannabis café Found are not only for the human, as they are also providing CBD products for pets. These CBD products are known to help with joint inflammation and other conditions that may target your furry friends.

  • The cozy seating area in the cannabis café provides customers with a beautiful place to relax with a coffee or beer tinged with the correct amount of CBD, which will take the edge off the drinks.

Final words

CBD does have significant benefits for those suffering from sleeplessness and anxiety. However, there is a belief that without the product containing any of the cannabinoid THC, it is less effective when used as a painkiller. Unfortunately, at this time, these are the regulations set in place by Hong Kong, but it’s still a great start for local cannabinoid enthusiasts.

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