Highlights from the U.S. cannabis industry in 2019

Published Jan 26, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Legal, social consumption of cannabis has provided a path for venues opening where the use of marijuana is in a comfortable environment. The cannabis industry has had many highlighted events during the year, and some of the notable are listed here.

Cannabis social clubs

In the first quarter of 2019, 71 percent of the cannabis consumers openly reported using cannabis for recreational and social purposes.

The progressive cannabis cities like Las Vegas, Denver, and San Francisco took the reins in providing the weed user comfortable venues to recreationally enjoy the different weed strains available. The atmosphere created in 2019 we would see peek the rest of the countries' interests.

  • Seventy-one percent of cannabis users report using the herb for social and or recreational purposes
  • 41 percent of cannabis users enjoyed cannabis for what they call date nights

2019 was the emerging year for the legal cannabis clubs

Beverages:  Let’s all raise our glasses to chilled sipping cannabis beverage choices. The cannabis beverage market is bubbling. Chardonnays and pot-infused drinks like ales, however, are alcohol-free. A massive trend in the beverage market is emerging CBD beverages. These beverages do not require the license of a dispensary for sales.

Two thousand eighteen saw beverages make up 5 percent of the yearly American Edibles market. Sales were approximately $30 million. The forecast for 2022 is that cannabis beverage sales will expand roughly by roughly ten-fold to be $374 million.

The aging user

The baby boomer sector was partially responsible for the added interest in cannabis in 2019. This age group used cannabis for medicinal issues while the younger consumer enjoyed the cannabis plant and the effects it produced for recreational pleasure and having a good time.


67% of boomers used the plant for medical reasons. However, nearly 60% of the boomer generation, enjoyed the plant for other purposes. Some of those cited reasons were to wind down after a long stressful day, or they would consume to enjoy a happy, fun-filled evening with friends.


In the areas where both recreational and medical cannabis suppliers coexisted, the medical dispensary saw a decline. More recreational dispensaries have been opened as the medicinal ones closed. This was due perhaps to the business model: as more people identify with using cannabis as "not a bad thing,” and they can comfortably remove the stigma of using recreational cannabis, the need for specific medical dispensaries declined.

As more products become available to the cannabis consumer, medical or recreational cannabis lines seem to become blurred. Dispensaries, along with government, are providing education on the use of cannabis, people are becoming more interested in monitoring their health by way of cannabis. The product they are needing can be purchased at the recreational dispensary.

The stigma of identifying as a “patient” is no longer attached to the 71% of consumers who identify as recreational or social users, 32 percent said they consume cannabis for enjoyment. Here are a couple of the most memorable cannabis strains of the 2019 summer.

1. Banana Punch strain

  • Higher levels of the terpene Ocimene found in bananas seem to increase the perception of how high you are.
  • 50/50 hybrid cross
  • A bit of a creeper
  • Induces a relaxed, full-body high
  • A nice head high

2. Tangie Biscotti strain

  • A rare evenly balanced hybrid
  • Begin in the head spreading later throughout the body22%-25% average THC level
  • Appropriate for treating depression, stress, and chronic pain
  • Happy, Euphoric, Relaxing effects
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