The most pro-pot candidates left running in the US election

Published Dec 30, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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November 2020 is election time, and as right now, there are dozens of candidates running for president. It is always fascinating to watch each candidate plead their case as to why they should be president and to see what they are promising for the years ahead. With a full interest in the uprising of Americans that are for cannabis legalization, are any of the candidates pro-pot? The answer is yes, there is!

Who is running?

Twenty-five candidates are running in 2020 with a wide range of interests and beliefs. With cannabis in the news as much as it has been. It may just be the smart thing to use in the elections. We are going to give you a list of who is running and whether they are pro-pot or not.

1. Micheal Bennet

US Senator of Colorado

In 2012 he was opposed to the legalization of cannabis in colorado Bill Amendment 64. He has just recently co-signed the marijuana justice act in 2019. He is in favour of marijuana legalization and hemp farms.

2. Joe Biden

Former Vice President, Former US Senator, Deleware

As a very outspoken advocate on the war on drugs. He has not changed his stance and remains opposed to the federal legalization of marijuana. He is the only Democrat in the 2020 elections that is still not in favour. Biden is in complete support of having cannabis rescheduling marijuana as a schedule two, which would allow for scientific research.

In mid-July, he realizaed that is the only candidate that opposes except trump, of course. Biden then released a 10-page justice reform proposal that incorporates decriminalizing marijuana 20 million in funds in hopes of reducing racial profiling by law enforcement and more trining in for correctional officers and a few other ideas.

3. Cory Booker

US Senator, New Jersey

He is a prominent critic of the war on drugs. And also an advocate for marijuana reform. He is also the chief sponsor of the marijuana Justice Act. He has mainly been on his own with his support for legalization and social equity programs in hopes of repairing the damage that the war on drugs has caused.

4. Steve Bullock

Governor and former Attorney General, Montana

Bullock has not been saying much on the federal legalization. From the public view, he seems to not be in favour of recreational marijuana .he has been quoted as saying,” I don’t want unlimited grow operations and things like that. I don’t think anybody does. I don’t think we want the chronic pain ages 19 -29 to be the most significant group of medical marijuana patients “ 2012.

5. Pete Buttigieg

Mayor of Southbend, Indiana

Buttigieg has been very vocal in regards to his stance on ending marijuana prohibition.saying he sees it as more of an issue of racial issue.

6. Jillian Castro

Former HUD Secretary, and former Mayor of Antonio

In 2014 he remained very skeptical of marijuana reform. With Trump being president, he seems to be very critical of the amount of interference in the state laws and appears to be in favour of federal legalization. Stating That “ Colorado and other states have shown we can sensibly legalize marijuana with reasonable controls. “ 2017

7. Bill DeBlasio

Mayor of New York City

Since becoming mayor of New York City in 2014
He has been in favour of reducing marijuana-related arrests. But not so much for legalizing adult use of cannabis. That is until this past December he seems to be leaning more towards favouring adult use and legalization.

8. John Delany

Former US Representative, Maryland

Delany does not represent any federal legalization. However, he does vote for marijuana reform.

9. Tulsi Gabbard

US Representative of Hawaii

Gabbard is definitely for cannabis rights for veterans. Don young Alaska rep and Gabbard introduced the ENDING FEDERAL PROHIBITION ACT. That would mean cannabis would be removed from the federally controlled substance list. Which would allow states to have full authority in the regulation of cannabis?

10. Kirsten Gillibrand

US Senator,New York

Since 2014 Gillibrand has been an advocate for medical marijuana. Just recently, she is pro-pot and very vocal about it. In June, she made a full plane for legalization. At a campaign gathering in Ohio, she referred to the white privilege and the problem with racial discrimination.

11. Kamala Harris

US Senator, California: Former Attorney General, California

She has made a considerable turn on her views of marijuana of any other candidate that is running. She has been known to speak very openly about convicting drug dealers and has turned her nose up to the question about marijuana legalization. Now she speaks candidly about her marijuana use and is now a sponsor of the marijuana Justice Act. July 22, she also introduced the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment & Expungement Act also called the MORE Act.

This would remove Marijuana from the controlled substance Act. The more Act would also mean that federal courts would have to wipe out any marijuana-related convictions and allow those with prior offences to request removal of their criminal record .And even request resentencing hearings if needed.

12. Amy Klobuchar


US Senator, Minnesota

She does not address marijuana in her running very much but she has signed the state's ACT, although she has not supported the marijuana Justice Act. Just before announcing that she would be running for the presidency. Klobuchar removed a statement of her support for the medical cannabis program from her website. Although about a week after entering the presidential race, she announced that she supports the legalization of cannabis use for adults. That's a big turn around.

13. Wayne Messam

Mayor,Miramar, Florida

Has not stated how he feels about legalization.Although he is an avid climate change advocate so that could mean something in regards to cannabis.

14. Seth Moulton

US representative, Massachusetts

He has dropped out of the race, but as a military veteran, he has always supported that veterans should have full access to medical cannabis.

15. Beto O’ Rourk

Former US Representative, Texas

For the past decade, Rourk has been advocating for drug reform and a lot longer than many other candidates. He is also an advocate for federal legalization.

16. Tim Ryan

US representative, Ohio

Since 2003 Ryan has been voting for marijuana reform, and he is now a co-sponsorship of the Marijuana Justice Act. Tim is also known for calling for national legalization of cannabis.

17. Bernie Sanders

US Senator, Vermont, and former US Representative and Mayor of VT

He is probably one of the most pro-pot candidates running. During the 2016 election, he became the first major candidate to support legalization.His first push for marijuana legalization was 20 years ago. Aside from that, he is also a leading sponsor in the Marijuana legalization Act in congress to date.

18. Eric Swalwell

US Representative, California

He has dropped out of the race. Although Swalwell doses support cannabis use.

**19. Donald Trump **

US President and businessman

Trump believes that individual states should determine the cannabis issue. He has always given mixed messages about marijuana. Trump's administration has recently dejected several bills to allow veterans access to marijuana. A proposal has also been dejected that would ease the studying of the use of cannabis. So Not surprising, he is definitely against it.

20. Elizabeth Warren

US Senator, Massachusetts

Warren one of the sponsors of the STATES Act, .which is a bill to end federal prohibition and many other laws regarding marijuana reform. She did not support the 2016 proposal for adult use of cannabis, so this is a significant turnaround. “ No one should go to jail for a joint. But more Americans are arrested for marijuana possession then violent crimes. “

21. William Weld

Former Governor, Massachusetts

He has always been pretty much against marijuana that is up until 2016 when he was running for vice president, right alongside Gary Johnson on an anti-prohibition platform ! He now believes that legalization is inevitable.

22. Marianne Williamson


She isn’t all out there with cannabis as the central element in her campaign. She has been open to her support for federal legalization in hopes of avoiding the opioid crisis. “ If marijuana were legal, it would be a more controlled substance, not less.”

23. Andrew Yang


Yang is very open with his views on legalizing marijuana. He is a pro-pot candidate and has gone on record stating, "Our criminalization of marijuana is stupid and racist, particularly now that it's legal in some states."

As you see, there is a fascinating mix of candidates in the running. It is going to be an exciting election as we get closer to the end. There are some very pro-pot candidates and some that are not to keen on the idea of federal legalization. Either way, we are getting a lot closer to federal legalization then we were a few years back. Thanks to those robust advocates that do not give up the good fight! Remember to get out and vote and pay close attention to all these candidates and their promises for our future.

Your vote does matter and by voting, you can become a crucial part of history in the making! Stand strong and vote for federal marijuana legalization.

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