Edibles in Canada remain few and far between

Published Mar 9, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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So, it has officially started. The legal sale of edibles in Canada. There seems to be a huge demand, but dispensaries can’t keep enough edibles on shelves. So what’s going on is that there is a shortage of our beloved edibles, and consumers want to know what is being done to stop this from continuing.

We are well aware that edibles are a great alternative to smoking weed and reducing pain as well as promoting a good night's sleep and companies had plenty of time to prepare for the rush. So how is it possible that companies are not able to keep up with the supply and demand?

Edibles come in several forms like gummies, brownies, cookies, and many other delicious treats. Some are CBD-infused, and others focus more on THC. Some are both THC and CBD infused, so which one you want to buy will depend greatly on what it is that you’re looking to get from the edible. Right now, there seems to be some available online, but they are typically a little more costly than store-bought alternatives.


Dispensaries are having a problem keeping all the gummies, cookies chocolates, tea products, and vapes on the shelves because consumer demand is just crazy right now. This is fantastic news if you are a producer of these elegant edibles, but as a consumer, this barrier can certainly cause some frustration. This is a beautiful new craze, and some people are just up for trying something new.

Like any other store, at dispensaries, management puts forth their order for the week. Usually, a retailer orders just enough of new products to see if they will sell, as no one wants to have things expire on the shelves, so they start small and then increase numbers as they can start to see what the best-sellers are. Well, dispensary owners are sure to be doubling up on their orders now for sure, because no one likes to lose a good customer.


Some storefronts sold out in as little as 1 hr, and the online sites have been doing phenomenal in the sales of edibles. The lack of products has a lot to do with the federal government as they set specific procedures for the production and sale of cannabis-infused edibles. Producers have only been able to ask for approval from Health Canada since Oct 17, and that requires a 60-day approval process on each product. That’s a long time when you are waiting to do mass production of any consumable good.

Producers wanted to be sure before they gave any of the edibles the green light. So, the shortage is going to dwindle with time as we are going to see more products on a larger scale. The dispensaries are going to be carrying a beverage line as well as many more tasty options, and we will need to wait until there is a sufficient amount produced and perfected as the companies do not want to disappoint.

At the same time, they do want to have their products in the stores, so we hope to see this happen very soon. What percentage of the market will the edibles consume? Well, we have no idea, but in the next year or so, we are sure to get a good glimpse. It looks very promising that we are going to have a high supply and a great selection of delicious edibles and beverages to enjoy soon.

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