Cannabis technology highlights from 2020

Published Sep 16, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Technology has infiltrated every aspect of any industry in some way or another, and we have seen significant progress and innovations, thanks to it. Companies have stepped up in their efforts to bring fresh new products into the billion-dollar cannabis market. Tech is a very fast-paced industry, and new products are coming in to the market daily. Now let's take a look at some of the highlights from 2020.

Artificial intelligence(AI) has helped to expand the ever-evolving cannabis industry. The use of machine learning technology helps to optimize cannabis growth using seed to sale software, and it provides higher yields at lower prices at the end of the day. The sensors from each growing platform gather real-time information from each plant.

This information tells the farmer what the plant is missing, what may be wrong with the plant, and after diagnosis, it will guide the farmer on fixing the problem. Implementing AI and machine learning can help cannabis farmers follow strict regulations that address levels of compounds while maintaining compliance. The simplicity of growing cannabis indoors with a hydroponic system could be why so many people now chose to grow plants in their homes.

Technically highlighted products designed for the home grower

Armoire by the Green Goddess Supply

Suppose you are looking to grow at home using soil and a furniture-inspired unit that fits into any décor. Well, this armoire comes with everything needed to get you up and running. It is a lightweight unit equipped with a wi-fi camera, LCD temperature, and humidity module, to name some of the product parts. All that is needed are your cannabis seeds to begin.

Seedo by Seedolab

This looks like a high-tech mini-fridge. The automated hydroponic system based technology comes with an automatic lighting system and CO2 enhancement. The efficient size and app allow you to control your growing process by phone or computer. You will also receive any alerts regarding the growth of your plants the same, making it easy to keep track of how your crop is doing.


Growing more than ever before

COVID-19 has perhaps bought out the renaissance gardener in each of us, as it is reported that about 20% of Americans have taken to this activity to calm anxiety during the troubled time. Cannabis seed sales are on the rise, and hydroponic systems are a highlight at technical trade shows. The advances in growing technology are becoming perhaps one of the latest trends in smart living.

Technology in the cannabis science field has bought together a Saskatoon-based medical cannabis company Zyus Life Sciences, and The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre, to help in the development of an antigen which will be beneficial in the COVID-19 vaccine research. However, not all technology highlights of 2020 are deemed favourable.

One case in point is, Keep a biometric-logic cannabis storage box. Keep Labs was banned from the conference show. The (CTA) banned the cannabis tech company for using the word cannabis while exhibiting the products during the conference. The flagship product Keep is a smart cannabis storage box specifically designed to keep your weed fresh and away from children's hands. The company was told to show the product but not to mention the word cannabis.

Strange when the purpose of the box is for the storage of cannabis. The Consumer Technology Association asked that the cannabis storage box be presented as a generic storage device instead, proving that we still have a long way to go as far as acceptance despite the rapid advancement of technology.

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