5 hemp products that should be produced

Published Jul 29, 2019 10:12 a.m. ET
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Now that cannabis has been legalized in many regions, hemp is also making a fast and hard come back. At one time, it was believed that hemp plants produced the same elements as marijuana; hence it being banned in most areas while pot was. It wasn’t until just this past year that the United States introduced a new farm bill that would allow for the growing of the plants, as well as the making and sales of hemp products. Though some of these do already exist, very few are widely available to the general public. Here are 5 fantastic hemp plant products that we hope to see made and on store shelves in the near future.

1. Alcohol

Most people view hemp products as a medicinal line that offers benefits that don’t include those that are sought by recreational consumers. However, several different types of alcohol, including vodka, can be distilled and fermented using hemp oil. The results are a smooth, flavorful fruity drink, that is often a higher proof. This type of alcohol can contain up to 40%, so though it will go down smooth and without the bitter aftertaste, it will also have a powerful influence over your state of mind, which can help manufacturers to provide consumers with less awful tasting alcohol of choice.

2. Food

Hemp can be made into all different types of food, including vegan burgers. The best part is, they aren’t just full of empty calories like soybeans, Hemp seeds are easy to digest, contain several essential fatty acids, can help to treat immune diseases and is one of the most nutritious foods that are naturally produced. This is the perfect base for infused water, juices and other delicious edibles that won’t get you high but will provide a boost in health benefits.

3. Hemp cigarettes

Though hemp does not produce THC, it does contain higher than average amounts of CBD, which has shown to be an excellent aid for tackling addiction of all types including alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and many illicit drugs. Hemp cigarettes could help to decrease the number of tobaccos consumers and improve the quality of health of millions of people all around the world.


4. Tea

When you think of hemp oil, it probably doesn’t bring to mind the image of a steaming hot beverage, but a combination of pressed hemp seeds and your favorite tea leaves can turn an ordinarily unhealthy drink, into a powerful and nutrient-rich treat. The combination of CBD and the elements found in tea leaves can help to reduce inflammation, ease pain, relax and sooth, resulting in the perfect therapeutic beverage.

5. Protein powder

It can be challenging to find a protein powder that is made of natural ingredients rather than animal-derived nutrients. Hemp seed contains an average of 15 grams per gram of protein, and provides rich omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This type of protein powder is an excellent alternative for anyone that is vegan, has trouble digesting proteins from whey, or is lactose intolerant.

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