Hempfest, women and cannabis

Published Jun 7, 2019 10:05 a.m. ET
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Women and cannabis are here to stay, arm in arm and ready for the explosion of products in October 2019, that will be beneficial to woman’s health and recreational needs.

Cannabis products and brands that are available for women are set to explode onto the market in October 2019. Let’s look at what’s in the near future where cannabis is concerned, and what effect will it have on the lives of women today.

Woman work well in groups; cannabis and its benefits have advantageous properties for many different groups. From birth to the end of life, women have always been the caretakers. The legal cannabis market is in the beginning stages, and women are here to take an active part in the birth of this natural plant that is being accessed for medicinal and recreational use.

Several cannabis groups and businesses are directed toward women and their needs.

Her Canna Life: is operated by Katie Pringle who’s desire in life is to provide a PR agency with the focus on cannabis and women. Her businesses are three-fold and include:

Marigold PR, born in 2016 and began working with cannabis-based clients. Katie is a passionate woman who believes that through digital PR work, she can provide profiles for the brands that she works with.

Cannabis Communications was then lunched to better serve the needs of the cannabis industry. Success has been seen in the social community building, with the help of this venture that aids cannabis start-ups, along with international brands.


Canndora the ears and voice for women who enjoy the use of cannabis in their lives is a discreet subscription experience for the elevated woman who seeks communication with cannabis enthusiastic women through-out the world.

The program sends members a beautiful, useful innovative box of products three times a year. There is an annual membership. The shipping comes every four months, March, July, and November. The shipping of the boxes is free. A Founders Edition Box contains products that are fine-tuned for the woman who is seeking a holistic lifestyle through the use of cannabis. The Fierce Founders Edition Box is aimed at those with an eye for the cannabis future.

HempFest Canada are the organizers of the Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Hamilton, Halifax and Winnipeg HempFest Cannabis Expos. Reach them on Twitter @hempfest_canada

Women are using tea to medicate and relax. Nothing is better than relaxing with a hot cup of cannabis infused tea. The majority of women are open to the relaxing qualities that an infused tea will provide they are not necessarily looking for the high produced from the THC component that is available in the cannabis plant. Woman, as they age, is turning to CBD products over the pharmaceutical prescriptions that health professionals are giving them. The women site that there are too many side-effects.

Topicals edibles and creams are what women want. They want to have a choice in the medication that is available to treat woman’s conditions. Women have specific needs for cannabis use, different that what men need. Women have a different make-up than men and so, utilize the herb in different manners.

More and more clinics are available for women, operated by women, to help and educate them through the safe cannabis journey. CBD is used for many female conditions, such as the replacing of HRT medications, that women are often prescribed automatically prescribed when seeking help for their depression and anxiety that often accompanies this time in a woman’s life cycle.

Women are claiming and delivering a robust stand in the emerging cannabis industry. Women are not only using the cannabis plant in large numbers for recreational and medicinal use but are at the head of influential organizations and companies whose missions are to educate the world on the emerging beneficial use of the cannabis plant.



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