10 Incredible women-led cannabis brands

Published Mar 8, 2023 02:00 p.m. ET
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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting ten fantastic female-owned and operated Canadian cannabis brands. If you’d like to show your support for these powerful leaders in the cannabis space all you have to do is click on the included links to find out where you can buy one or more of their amazing products, and then make a purchase!

1. Peak Pharm Labs

Antuanette Gomez is the founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks and Peak Pharm Labs a Canadian medical cannabis company delivering therapeutic products to help those who struggle with chronic conditions. With clinical expertise and community engagement, Peak Pharm Labs has created many incredible products like 1:3 suppositories a prescription-only treatment like no other available in Canada.

2. Blessed Edibles

Angelina Blessed is a highly respected Muay Thai fighter with more than 16 years of experience training and competing in both Canada and Thailand. She’s also a Calisthenics athlete, runner, the very first Canadian woman to fight in China, and the founder of Blessed Edibles a cannabis brand Angelina created after noticing how few edibles on the market were formulated with less sugar. This legacy brand has reached the legal market and still today is one of the only health-focused edibles lines out there.

3. Aqualitas

Myrna Gillis is the co-founder and CEO of Aqualitas a cannabis company that is leading the way in Canada and around the world by using aquaponics to produce top-shelf quality products, bigger yields, and faster growing times. By harnessing the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants Aqualitas is able to eliminate the need for fertilizers or pesticides, all while using 90% less water, and 50% less energy than most other traditional growing methods. One of the company's most popular cannabis brands in Ontario is Reef Organic, though there are many others available worldwide.

4. ZyreLife

Audrey Wong is the CEO and co-founder of ZyreLife a socially responsible cannabis brand as well as one of the most profitable companies in the Canadian space. This pioneering leader is the only Asian-Canadian owner of a cannabis vape brand and Zyre is the #1 selling full-spectrum product on the Canadian market to date. With a special focus on social change through avenues like Elimin8Hate an arm of the Vancouver Film Festival Audry is working to address racism while also creating cannabis products enthusiasts need and love.


Ashley Athill is the CEO and Co-Founder of HRVSTR and a proud POC business owner operating in the Canadian cannabis space who is always advocating for women and BIPOC communities while curating top-shelf products. HRVSTR has established a great reputation among consumers by creating a selection of premium craft strains with delightful terpene profiles and unique cannabinoid combinations.

6. Madge & Mercer


Shauna Levy is the Founder and CEO of Madge & Mercer Modern Apothecary, winner of Bay Street Bull’s 2021 Woman of the Year award, and Women of Inspiration Vision Builder Aard in 2022. She’s also Co-Chair of the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) Communications Committee which only confirms how dedicated this inspiring soul is to improving the cannabis space for everyone in Canada. Madge & Mercer offers a carefully curated collection of cannabis products with a focus on health, wellness, and self-care.

7. Prairie Grass

Prairie Grass Inc. is a family-owned and run cannabis cultivation and extraction company co-founded by two passionate sisters Olivia Penner & Rebecca Thomson who are also trained healthcare professionals . These sisters are fourth-generation farmers who know and value the importance of family, dedication, and hard work, and how feeling healthy can play an integral role in achieving a balance  across all aspects of life. Prairie Grass focuses on producing naturally produced wellness products.

8. Jane West

Jane West is the brainchild behind Jane West flower products, and this CEO goes above and beyond to ensure customers from all over the world have access to her amazing lines. In Ontario Jane West and Boaz collaborated to release a popular choice among consumers called Mini Joints full of Quad Buds flower to create a premium option for enthusiasts who crave convenience and an aromatic-fueled experience.

9. Shatterizer

Valerie McCulloch is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Shatterizer Inc.a start-up company and online platform focused on creating and bringing leading vaping technology to the Canadian marketplace. This cannabis brand is the culmination of Val’s personal experience and a goal to revolutionize the way we consume cannabis. Here, innovation and customer satisfaction are top priorities, and the company has consistently delivered innovative options for almost six years now.

10. Fritz's Cannabis Company

Tabitha Fritz is an educator, entrepreneur, cannabis consultant, coach, creator of the Level UP Budtender Education Program, and Co-Founder of Fritz's Cannabis Company. Level UP Budtender Education Program is an e-learning program with 13 sections carefully created for Canadian Budtenders. Fritz’s is a cannabis brand with many years of experience as a legacy provider turned legal creating edibles products notorious for consistency, taste, quality, and wonderfully sweet flavors.

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