Why you should consider microdosing if you're working from home

Published Sep 16, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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After massive shutdowns, businesses all over the world began to adapt in hopes of controlling the spread of COVID-19, and one of the biggest shifts that we’ve seen across nearly every industry is that workers who can, are being asked to stay home. Of course, some are facing uncertainty as they’ve been laid off or given reduced hours, but many workers are still doing everything that they used to do, only now it’s from the safety and comfort of their home office.

Now, this might seem like an excellent opportunity to get high, especially if you’ve got a safe space to do so, and you don’t have a house full of people or children in the way of important conference calls or meetings, but no matter who you are, this transition can be a rocky one. Sure, you no longer have a boss constantly looking over your shoulder, but that means that you’ll have to keep yourself on track, which can be tricky if you’re using too much cannabis with your newfound freedom.

That is one reason why we highly recommend microdosing for those who are working from home or starting challenging online courses, but there are many other benefits that can be achieved through the ideal dosing of cannabinoids, and here we’re going to tell you about ten more of them in hopes of shining a bit of light on this highly misunderstood practice and what it has to offer.

1. Microdosing can help you to stay productive

We’ve mentioned how easy it is to smoke far too much cannabis or to pop too many edibles only to find yourself in a haze that makes you feel sleepy and couch locked. This is a common side effect that is caused by high THC dosing, but if you use cannabinoids in microdoses, then it will actually provide the opposite effect. Microdosing can help to improve your mood, wake you up, and improve your energy levels without hindering your ability to think and be productive.

2. It’s affordable

Dosing with micro amounts of cannabis products means that you won’t need very much to keep a consistent buzz going throughout the day. If you choose to smoke it each time a craving hits, or out of sheer boredom, you could be facing hefty bills in no time, which is why we say, “save your money, and opt for microdosing instead”. It will leave your wallet full and your mind clear while you continue to reap the benefits of less stress, and that’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3. Microdosing does not leave you impaired

When you normally use cannabis, the goal is likely to melt away whatever feelings of stress, worry, or pain that you might be dealing with, and that makes it easy to go overboard. Even if you’re one of the lucky few that manages to toke to your heart's content without it harming your productivity, according to the law, it will leave you too impaired to operate a motor vehicle. This can be a pain if you suddenly need to run out for ink, paper, but you can avoid that problem altogether by microdosing.

4. It can help you to keep your average use in check

Most of us know exactly how much cannabis we need to make it through the average week, but the usual estimate didn’t account for so much extra time spent at home, and those who are working from home are noticing that they’re smoking a whole lot more than usual now that they have the freedom to do so. This can get expensive, unhealthy, and just plain wasteful after a certain point, which is a good time to bring stricter dosing in with microdosing, which will lower those expenses and leave you feeling better.

5. Microdosing is effective for relieving stress

In the office, you might have had to deal with a strict boss or an annoying co-worker, but staying at home brings a whole new world of problems to the table by introducing things like roommates, spouses, children, and neighbours into the equation. Then you have to hope for a good internet connection, a smooth-running day for your computer, and if anything gets in the way of your plans, it can be devastating. Microdosing can help to take the edge off in the tensest of situations, which can help to make working from home so much easier.


6. It’s possible to buy perfectly measured microdoses which makes it easy

A microdose to some is simply a small amount of weed that doesn’t quite get them high, but the theory only works if you’re using true microdosing levels of cannabinoids, something that is nearly impossible to measure in flower. However, perfectly sized and measured microdose options are sold in dispensaries everywhere, making the process as simple as swallowing a capsule, or enjoying a precisely formulated edible without having to worry about getting too stoned.

7. Microdosing provides complete control over the high

Experienced cannabis consumers know that each time you smoke a joint something different can happen, especially if each one is filled with a different strain, and that is true even if they all hold the same amount of flower. However, with the right products, microdosing will produce the exact effects every single time, as each capsule, rice-sized bit of concentrate, or edible will contain the same activated ingredients in small amounts, which ultimately gives you more control over the experience.

8. It can be done with almost any cannabis product

A microdose is hard to get perfect every time if you aren’t using a select group of precisely measured cannabis products, but technically, it can be done with any kind of smokable or ingestible cannabis product that you can get your hands on. That means you won’t need to invest a whole lot of money into designer products if you can’t afford to, as many cheaper cannabis concentrates offer just as reliable results.

9. Microdosing can help you to sleep

Smoking a lot of cannabis can help you to drift off into la-la land, but it can also keep your mind wandering and awake much longer than you might prefer, leading to a loss of precious sleep, which is necessary for healing and recuperating from the day. So, if you find that using too much cannabis late at night has this kind of effect on you, then microdosing might be the solution you need for an invigorating night's sleep without the adverse effects.

10. You can still enjoy the more intense effects when you’re off the clock

The best part about using a microdose technique while you work is that it helps to protect your tolerance from becoming too high. As many long time users can attest, using too much cannabis for too long can make it harder to achieve the level of relief that you’re used to when you finally do sit back and smoke a joint in hopes of winding down for the week. Luckily, microdoses only contain a small fraction of what you’d find in a joint, which is perfect if you want to garner the benefits of cannabis without giving up your ability to get high quite easily when the mood strikes.

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