All about microdosing weed

Published Mar 14, 2019 11:22 a.m. ET

Gone are the days of needing an old school pipe and lighter to get high and having no idea where that trip would take you. While microdosing weed has been around forever, new information and technology have allowed cannabis lovers around the world to partake in marijuana in a slightly more sophisticated way that enables the user full control over the intensity of any effects that are felt.  

What is microdosing THC?

Microdosing THC will be relative to the individual who is consuming it, but on average microdosing begins around 5 mg of THC. 5 mg is the smallest dose you can consume while still expecting the euphoric feelings that THC induces.

How to microdose Weed

There are a couple of things you will want to pay attention to when you first start with microdosing. The first is the type of strain you are using. Indica strains tend to have a more intense effect while sativa’s are known for a lighter more energetic buzz. The second is the amount of THC you use for each dose. Novice users should generally start at around 5 mg per dose. Those with some experience with cannabis can try a bit more substantial amount like 10 mg–20 mg. Well-seasoned users may need a dose as high as 30 to feel anything at all. This is why microdosingis incredibly dependent on the individual. The third thing is to keep a slow and steady pace that won’t be too intense otherwise you are just getting high, not microdosing.

Benefits of microdosing marijuana

The benefits of microdosing marijuana are often debated as the experience an individual achieves will depend on their tolerance, the reason for microdosing, and the products being used. Since most that are using microdosing aren’t seeking an intense high and instead are looking for a consistent amount of relief, a small amount of THC is sufficient and beneficial for many reasons.

  1. Controlled Effect - Especially for those who suffer from anxiety, PTSD, stress, or depression a microdosing schedule can be just enough to manage without requiring prescription medication. For the folks who use it to take the edge off microdosing can allow all the benefits of THC without impairing essential motor functions or memory.

  2. Economical - The people who benefit most from microdosing are wasting their hard earned cash when they light up instead. Much of the THC contained in marijuana goes quite literally up in smoke and if you are getting higher than you want to it’s just a waste all around. Microdosing is cheaper than any other method of consuming marijuana.

  3. Medicinal Benefits - Those who suffer from chronic pain require a dose that is consistent which is hard to achieve through other means of consumption. Microdosing allows a person to choose an amount of pain relief that works for them and adjust it according to their needs that day.


Comparisons for microdosing THC

Often people prefer to choose a measurement based on something they are already familiar with. If you are used to smoking cannabis and would like to achieve a similar experience through microdosing than these average measurements of THC might come in handy. Just remember, around 50% of THC that is contained in a joint will go into the air and not into your system, and the strain you choose may have slightly more or less THC. This is just an average for comparison purposes.

How many mg of THC in a joint?

80 mg

How many mg of THC in a bowl?

45 mg

How many mg of THC in a gram?

180 mg



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